Well, if at some point the person is aware of the problem of beer alcoholism. So, it's time to stop drinking beer. The question how to do it easier and quieter.

Sudden or gradual failure

It is possible to refuse beer gradually. If you normally drink a couple of bottles of drink every day, you need to reduce the number to one bottle, then to half capacity. Later, this minimum amount allow yourself only a day, and then a couple times a week. Such a rate dependence on beer will gradually weaken. Even the substitution of non-alcoholic beer – this is a huge step to the final failure.

Someone easier to give up beer gradually, while others consider this method of slow torture and prefer a flat refusal. For immediate and final rejection of the only important thing is your firm decision.
Principled stance and strong motivation help to stay in the moments when the temptation to drink beer will increase dramatically.

A worthy alternative and bonuses for durability

Beer alcoholism creates not only a physical dependence that is born in the body on a chemical level, but also psychological. Beer is an alcoholic used to watch TV with a beer, chat with friends with beer and even relax in nature with this drink. Need to find a decent alternative to the harmful habit. Perhaps you will help seeds or nuts.
It is not excluded that opened earlier ritual will have to change. For example, not to sit in the evenings watching television, run or ride a bike through the Park.

For every, even small victories, reward yourself with small prizes. Unable to use the amount of money that you weekly spend on beer. You've been wanting a new fancy gadget? So save up for his rejection of beer!

The change in the quality of life

Beer alcohol quickly affects the health and General condition of the person. Look ahead: what you will become, if not refuse from bad habits? Probably the picture drawn is not rosy. Let this be a serious motivation to change the quality of your life. Don't wait for Mondays and the first of numbers, begin to live a new life right now!

If the self is to give up beer does not work, you can always contact the experts. They will help to get rid of physical and psychological dependence on drink. If you have the desire to overcome the disease – ways. The main thing – faith in yourself and spirit for a positive result.