You will need
  • - the tape
To choose the right size shirt, you have to measure the circumference of the neck. This will be the size of a shirt. Often this is enough, but high menam you should pay attention to the height or the length of the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts, or they can be short.
Jeans and pants for menyou pick the right height and the waist girth. Jeans sizes grade is given in inches, the first number indicates the waist and the second the length of the seam of the jeans. Stepper seam is a seam on the inner side of the foot, from heel to crotch. The circumference of the hips at the same time do not measured.
To determine the sizes t-shirts and jackets has a value bust. The circumference of the breast in men measured at the level of the nipples.
The size of the linen is determined by the waist (for pants) or chest (for shirts, t-shirts).