You will need
  • - the tape
In order to know the right size t-shirt, first measure the bust with the tape measure. To do this, wrap the band around the chest and view scale value in the place where it converges with the beginning of the tape.
If you want to buy men's t-shirt, at the bust of 98 centimeters, select the thing with the size of44-46 ohms or S. When the measurement result in 99-100 cm purchase a piece of clothing 46-48 or M size.
To buy men's t-shirt at the bust in inches 101-110, select the model 48-50 or L size. Thing sizeXL or 50-52 and purchase in that case, if the measurement result is equal 111-118 centimeters.
If the circumference of your chest has no less than 119 not more than 122 centimeters, then select the tee 52 to 54 or XXL size. In the range from 123 to 128 cm buy a thing with the marking 54 or XXXL on inner label.
To buy women's t-shirt sizea XS or 42-44 verify that the result of measurements of your chest is not more than 76 cm. In the circumference in centimeters 77-80, select the model designation 44-46 or S.
T-shirt sizeM or om 46-48 get if the bust is equal 81-88 centimeters. During the measurements, the large 88 and not exceeding 96 inches, buy thing 48-50 or L size.
The garment with the designation XL or 50-52 select when the measurement result is equal 97-100 centimeters. If the circumference of your chest from 100 to 104 inches, purchase a t-shirt or XXL 52-54 size.
For the selection of the sizeand without the use of a measuring tape and look at the symbols on the labels of the shirts that you wear. When buying, choose those garments. which have a similar size.
Also a good way of selecting things on the figure is the fitting. To use this method, take in the dressing room a few t-shirts various sizes and try them on and select the most successfully sitting on you thing.