To learn to feel the energy as the surrounding objects, and, RUB palms one about another. Do it pretty intensely, gradually increasing the pace until you feel warm. Then slightly spread them apart and follow their feelings. You can feel cold, warmth, tingling, waves etc – each person in different ways.
If you do not feel the energy immediately, you have to practice a little to achieve the desired result. For some time try to breed her hands and again bring them together.
Daily try to work with the energy of about five or ten minutes to better develop your perception. Sometimes it happens that after getting the first results, at some point you can absolutely feel nothing. This may be due to the fact that you're tired, sick or energy depleted. In this case, select a different time for energy work when I feel better.
When you master this simple exercise, try to imagine that between your palms formed a ball of energy. When you feel just throw it on the floor. After you can imagine that the ball is shrinking and expanding between your hands. Remember your feelings.
Next, you can try to mentally fill the balloon color. For example, for the recovery of suitable blue or green.
Then imagine in your mind a ball of warm red color and change it to a cool blue, and Vice versa. For further exercises, use any two natural objects: acorns, shells, rounded stones from the sea shore, chestnuts, cones, etc.
Put them on the Desk. Place the hands over the objects and try to feel their energy. From different items, you will get different feeling. For example, raising a hand to the fading flower, you will feel cold, and healthy plants produce heat.
To learn how to control the energy flow from his hands, trained on a triangular pyramid made of genuine foil, which must be installed on the needle, stuck in a notebook or an eraser. Concentrate between your palms a ball of energy. Rotate your palms toward the pyramid and mentally command the sphere to rotate it. So you learned to not only feel energy, but to manage it.