To awaken yourself to the healing energy of "Chi" any person, regardless of religion or age. This energy exists in a person initially, from the moment the sperm penetrates the egg. A continuous flow of energy "qi" in the human embryo, is continuous, it ties together the functioning of the human brain with the organs and tissues of his body, and the personality of the person with surrounding nature.
Growing up, many people lose the continuity of the movement of energy flows, because the channels through which energy flows, they become clogged, blocked due to mental and physical stress. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of regular exercise in the open channels of the movement of energy leads to the fact that they overlap, causing nervous stress, premature failures of the body and aging. To awaken in myself the energyrequired to open your energy channels, to return to a state of dynamic energy circulation.
"Open energy channel", to awaken in themselves the energy means to eliminate all the causes that prevent energy "qi" to flow in their natural way. Many of the obstacles caused by mental, physical and emotional stress, stress. As internal energy is balanced by the powerful external forces of nature, you need to use them in order to help your body.
A powerful way of unity of intellectual and physical natures of man with his environment, nature, the cosmos, is meditation, but it can be used only trained people to the righteous that hasn't done anything in life that would lead to the blocking of their channels of energy. Taoist teaching provides a gradual transition in which the first person unlocks their channels and begins to produce its own energyusing natural energy floating around his physical body.
Having a constant circulation of energy, you can "wash" it all previously blocked areas of energy channels, massage her every internal organ to restore health to damaged tissues, to prevent even those diseases that are deadly.
Starting to practice, after a few months you will be able to open their channels, to awaken energy and reduce its leakage by getting rid of impact on your body of stress and nervous tension.