To begin a lesson that will help our body to replenish vital energy, we must bring his body from the sleeping state. Exactly five minutes Jogging in place will allow us to Wake the sleeping organs and systems. Jogging should be carried out exclusively barefoot and without excess clothing. The next step on the way to the set of bioenergy characterizes our understanding of what exercise to do, changing the overall tension with the ultimate relaxation. We must also consider that the transition should be played with maximum speed.

Surface powerful breath supplies air to our lungs fully. His mouth wide open, we allow in a moment of relaxation to vigorously push the air out of the lungs.

A period of 4 seconds, continues the tension and relaxation. But only after a year of regular classes we are allowed to increase the frequency to 6 seconds. Because life energy is absorbed through the surface of the skin, our body must be bare as possible. At run time, the classes should be clear that the physical body is replenished with vital substance from the environment. It is advisable to perform the occupation with closed eyes 2 times a day, morning and before sleep.

This exercise will allow our tired from the strain to gain vital energy in order to feel comfortable.