To increase the internal energy in two ways. The first of these is that you should stop spending it on unnecessary and wanton needs. Each person has their own challenges which it should overcome to become whole.
Start to eat healthy. Poor nutrition significantly reduces the level of energy and also spoil the health. If bad intestines, it also worsens the situation. Also stop while eating to distract on extraneous things. Focus on what you are eating, chew well and be careful not to overeat or eat foods in sufficient quantity.
Breathe calmly and deeply. With the breath of the person receives oxygen – needed vital resource, and if this process happens incorrectly, the air may not be enough. Lack of oxygen contributes to the fact that the energy level has been steadily declining. If this happens constantly, it can even lead to disease.
Do not let emotions take over a top. Uncontrolled anger, longing, anger and fear catastrophically Rob you of your strength. If you install the usual state of this kind, they form a kind of black hole that sucks out your power. The same goes for any empty and meaningless activity, such as a chitchat just to take time. Not less harmful and excessive mental clutter.
All sorts of bad habits, such as Smoking, alcohol and drugs also reduce the level of internal energy. Excess of any kind leads to the depletion of sources of power. Most often it is associated with food or sex. Learn to feel when you are satisfied, otherwise life will lose its taste.
After you stop the process of useless expenditure of its internal energy, it is possible to be engaged in its restoration. Creative activity and exercise can provide a significant influx of mental and physical strength.
Your activity needs to match what you really need. It's called "the way of the heart". Spiritual aspirations of many people are often ignored by them, which leads to drying up of this source of energy, perhaps the most significant for each person.