Advice 1: How to transfer your energy man

The energy is present in every person. It is divided into two forms, physiological and free. Physiological energy comes from the digestion and metabolism in the body, and free is life energy. It does not accumulate in the body, and passes freely through the energy channels of the person. These two forms, form energy shell.
Free energy — human power

Health and energy

For a full human existence in this world, he needs good health with a fairly powerful energy. But it looks really healthy person? If it's hard to Wake up in the morning, afternoon lethargy is present, and in the evening do not want anything, just to fall on the couch watching TV — this indicates that there is no health there. Energy, in this case, only enough to maintain life. But imagine a bent old woman, coming barely moving his legs. But something incredible happens: she comes to mind a great idea, she suddenly sprang up and ran skipping, then jumping high and breaking a hand in the air, shouting “Yes!”. This is how really feel healthy person.

As energy is transferred

Physiological energy is expended only on the action. While circulating in the body free energy that determines vitality, mood, desire, and radiated into the surrounding space. Its deficiency leads to various diseases. Significant waste of free energy cause: stress, negative thoughts and emotions — anger, hatred. Various energy credits, such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. Tense muscles — they impede the free circulation of energy flows. Its normal course is distorted. This introduces noise in the radiation field. For example, internally intense people, caught in a casual company and not saying a word, can at once change the General mood. This voltage, as it hangs in the air; so people who are not aware, perceive negative energy.

Conversely, a person with good health full of free energy, attracts positive. He considers everything, he knows everything. Drawn to him, with him easily and quietly. People feel such a person at ease and don't even know why. So passed positive energy.

But, all of this occurs basically at random. To convey to others your energy deliberately, it needs some awareness. The life of any human is nothing more than a dream and he is at the mercy of circumstances. Realizing this and waking up, he starts to influence the course of events. The whole power of intention in mindfulness. And it is always the person in service if he remembers it. Therefore, in order deliberately to convey the energy of others, you need to have, to begin with, it is sufficient to have a conscious intention to influence what is happening around.

Advice 2: How not to give energy to all

Every person has its own potential energy, the Life force is given for a specific task. But sometimes the state, when pursuing constant fatigue, do not want to do. This is a sign of energy loss, wrong it cost. It is important to understand how power is recovered and spent to learn how not to give this resource to others.
How not to give energy to all
In the world today there are many ways to spend energy: from the usual physical labor to emotional experiences caused by artificially. If you regularly give more than they can fill, there is a lack of energy, depression or even apathy. And they can even lead to physical illness.

How a person spends and replenishes energy

Life energy is compensated in different ways, for example, the usual food. Proper diet is invigorating, and gives strength to move on. Interaction with nature allows to obtain a new charge, because after a weekend at the lake or river, after a holiday by the sea for a long time is the feeling of lightness and freshness. Meditation helps to get back a certain amount spent in a day. And relaxation, sex and creativity give new strength.

Take the energy of negative emotions, experiences, claims. Leakage occurs because of processing, lack of sleep, constant voltage. Any conflicts, quarrels, disputes help to get rid of strength. And then there are people who deliberately provoke, to irritate. Any out of balance leads to cost even strong joy is then replaced by devastation.

You need to balance consumption and energy. That is why the person alternates between work and relaxation, wakefulness and sleep. You also need to regularly let go of all thoughts, replacing them with contemplation of something, the activity and passivity to use at a time. Only the alignment will allow you to feel good. If you refuse the leave, not to sleep long hours and eat semi-finished products, problems will arise.

How to save energy

Don't give energy to the world unnecessarily. For example, don't watch emotional movies. Joy, tears, fear, compassion — it is a splash of vitality. People think that movie before bedtime will help them relax, it really only takes very little energy de-energizes the system.

Don't participate in quarrels and conflicts of any kind. Usually it is also a way to take the energy of others. Energy vampires feel a burst of energy after any encounter with someone they "use" other people's feelings as support. These people have absolutely no force of existence, they have lost the ability to live harmoniously. No need to reward them. If someone provokes you, imagine that between you is a brick wall. Usually the person loses interest after the occurrence of this image.

Do not try to control everything around. The desire to know, to observe what is happening is a concern for themselves and others. This emotion also takes energy. Stop worrying, live in the moment, not look forward.

Do not use stimulant medication. They bestow courage, but after them comes a period of decline forces. They seemed to take energy from the future but then you still will give. Alcohol works just as well, since a morning hangover is not allows to be in shape.

Identify for yourself the ways of spending and energy recovery. Some people prefer reading books, and it gives courage, someone to stimulate Jogging or water treatments. Find your methods to at any time have the ability to charge and move on. And refrain from what takes strength, don't waste your wealth on useless classes.
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