First you need to look inside yourself and find the answer to the question – "What I really want to do?" Find one activity that gives pleasure in its process and result, and begin to develop it. Even if it seems difficult to implement, even if you have not the age or no education, never too late.

It's never too late to find the necessary literature, to listen to trainings or go to school. And the reason of all troubles is the same – lack of attention to himself, to his desires and the fear that it will not work. You'll stay at the starting point, yet don't concentrate on one direction.

Someone to gather my thoughts and spirit go at someone it takes more time, but we must admit that it is an integral part of the process, and there's no escape. The best way to smooth the corners of the inner mental debate is to devote himself to his favorite activity, really become a connoisseur in your field. To feel at ease.

Every day will have to face public opinion, with some controversy, to defend their point of view, their opinion. But nothing should overshadow a way to improve yourself in the business. When the process is to capture all consciousness, the external noise will no longer seem so Intrusive. But over time, people will begin to listen to your opinion, as an expert in their field.

And then there will be wings on his back and a sense of importance of himself. It is the desire to bring even greater benefits to people in return of their gratitude.