You will need
  • - a personal computer with Internet access.
To register additional email address – is simple enough. First, decide for yourself what you will use the mail service: old or new. If you prefer the same email to create a new mailbox you will need to log out of your e-mail. To do this, look in the upper right pane, the button labeled "Exit" and click on the link.
Once on the main page search engine, the image of the mailbox under the strings "Username" and "Password" click on the word "Register" ("register" or "Register mail"). Then follow the wizard prompts.
As a rule, to register a new e-mail from the user will require the introduction of personal data. They include surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, place of residence (this item is optional), gender. You will then need to the appropriate line enter the address of the new mailbox. To create it you can use the proposed mail service options either enter your login. After that, the system will check whether there might be on the Internet the same address. If a similar username is found, you will be prompted to replace it.
The next step is entering the password. Try to specify complex code. It may consist of letters, numbers and special characters. The length of the code words to enter in the e-mail should be at least six characters. Ideal – 10-12 characters. Note: the more complex and tricky password, so it is reliable.
In the next line, duplicate this password.
Also, when registering e-mail box, you may be prompted to enter a security question and answer and specify the number of the current phone. Do not ignore and do not miss these items, as the information in the case of hacking a box or lose your password will help to restore access to email.
Then click "Register".