You will need
  • - nails or screws;
  • - long stick;
  • - rope or knitted fabric;
  • cloth;
  • - wire or strong cord;
  • - two small sock.
The easiest way to do a MOP of long sticks, to which are nailed perpendicular to the cross bars, which in turn is attached to the cloth, but much more comfortable and functional is a MOP made in the form of a paint brush.
Treat and Polish the stick, and then recede from the edges of 4-5 cm, and whisk in the stick two nails, having them criss-cross, so that between them there was a distance of about one and a half inches.
Pre-blunted tips of the nails, hitting him with a hammer to the stick is not cracked. Do not nail tightly – their heads should visibly protrude. Obtyanite the cross of nails, an old nosom, and then wrap the bottom edge of the stick old cloth, grabbing the nails.
Put fabric on top of the second sock and tie rags or twine. Now take a roll of cotton rope and cut it with scissors into lengths of 40-50 cm. Lay the pieces of rope on a flat surface and place them on the prepared stick to the end that you tied with a cloth, was in the middle of the segments of the rope.
These segments tie around the stick, using durable flexible wire or cord, gently spread them around the entire circumference of the stick and then tie a tight knot reliable. With scissors cut off the excess ends of fabric sticking out from under the rope of the beam. Place the MOP vertically on its end you should get a lush rope brush.