You will need
  • pan;
  • - boiling water.
The main features of the natural sponges that distinguish it from sponges and other cleaning accessories are rather rigid structure and woven design. Often washcloths are made from plants such as Luffa, sisal or ramie. The first plant is an annual herb of the gourd family. The second is the Mexican agave. Well, Rami – shrub of the nettle family, native to Asian countries.
Such sponges may not be suitable for everyone. If you dislike strong effect on the skin natural fibers, try to soften their structure. To do this, put a sponge into a suitable size container, pour warm water, add some suds, and boil for half an hour. Then take it out, rinse and use as directed. If the sponge turned out to be not soft for you, repeat the procedure again.
Before easing the washcloth you need to keep in mind that its specific rigidity is useful for the skin. Due to this structure, it perfectly cleanses the pores, removes dead skin cells, make the skin smooth, silky and increases the tone of the whole organism. But like all useful things, to use it. If you have delicate and sensitive skin, use a natural loofah once in a few days. Then it will not damage the skin and will not cause unpleasant irritation. And its rigid mesh structure will perform the function of the scrub.
To rest of your skin, alternate hard loofah with loofah from sea sponges. Due to the mild natural ingredients it is no less useful to humans, does not cause allergic reactions and has a calming effect on the body. In addition, this sponge can even RUB your baby's delicate skin.