Consider how to make a light whip ("velvet"). This type of lash is a solid handle, which is attached to a few loose ends. The first thing we will start the production of the lash handle. It should: a)be rigid; b)convenient. Such a handle may be constructed of cord, such as old rope, solid cardboard or other available funds.
How to make <strong>whip</strong>
To stick the lashes can also be attached holder-chain. When your hand will need some rest, you'll just wear the chain on the hand that the whip was at hand.
How to make <strong>whip</strong>
To handle the lashes looked beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, as well as for more convenience, you can make her case.
How to make <strong>whip</strong>
Usually in the whip tails made of leather. But this is not a prerequisite. For example, the lashes depicted in the photo, tails, and the case is made of vinyl red and black colors, respectively. In General, the lighter the material, the more "velvet" turns out the whip (and Vice versa). For a light version of the tails can be done with satin, silk or even fluffy.
Any material cut into strips 40-50 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.
Collect the strips of material in the tail, extending through the handle and tie the tips of the tail lashes in a knot. node. All! Your whip ready. By the way, it's so compact that can fit even in a handbag, so you can be sure that she will be on hand at the right time. Well, how to use a whip on purpose, you figure it out.