You will need
  • - silicone oil;
  • pump for pumping of balls;
  • needle for pumping of balls;
  • - the rod of a ballpoint pen, a medical needle, adhesive tape, scissors, Bicycle or automobile pump (if necessary).
Take high-quality silicone oil from a sporting goods store, specifically designed for balls (of type Select). For once you will be enough to put a couple of droplets at the needle or directly on the nipple. This is necessary to protect the inner surface of the valve from damage, make nipple jewelry more elastic and durable.
If you pump up a soccer ball you have in the field, in the absence of a specialized oil can wet the needle with spit, but not industrial lubricant other purpose. Otherwise you are running the risk to damage the material of the nipple.
Hold a soccer ball over the bar with the hole and gently insert the needle into the nipple for the pump. Pay attention to the quality – end of the needle in any case should not have sharp burrs.
Inflate the ball with an air pump, carefully watching the indications of the monometer. Usually the optimum pressure in the sports equipment specified by the manufacturer on the product surface, in region of nipple. For soccer ball , these figures can be from 0.4 to 0.9 bar.
If the pressure gauge on your pump is missing, determine the extent of pumping the ball to the eye. The "right" sports equipment should not have loose surface, but not to be too hard – I pumped the ball with time deformed shape, changes the optimal amount and can deteriorate the seams.
If you have to pump up a soccer ball without specialized tools, try, use the Bicycle or car pump. Instead of a needle for pumping can be rented empty and clean the rod of a ballpoint pen with a metal tip, or replace it with a medical needle. To the self-made device fits snugly into the tip of the pump, wrap the tip with electrical tape to the required diameter. When working with a sharp needle, be careful not to pierce the product.
Try a simple experiment. Raise your inflated sports equipment up to shoulder level and drop it. If he jumped to the waist, you managed to properly inflate the ball.
After the game, it is recommended to release some air from the ball, to ensure that the product is not kept maximally inflated. This simple technique, used by experienced athletes, will retain product elasticity, and stitches density.