Advice 1: How to record music to a memory card

The map of memory is a pretty functional thing, because it can record many various information: music, pictures, video. However, special attention should be paid to storing this kind of information, like music, because many modern manufacturers produce, for example, mp3 players without built-in memory. In this case, to know how to transfer the audio files to a USB flash drive you just need.
How to record music to a memory card
You will need
  • - memory card;
  • - card reader;
  • - computer or laptop.
First, take the map memory and insert it into the card reader, just be careful: all security functions on both accessories should be disabled, otherwise you will be constantly popping the inscription "Included write-protection, write not possible".
Then insert the card reader with a map memory inside the USB port of the computer. When properly connected, the led should brighten. The computer will emit a distinctive sound, the screen will display "the Wizard found new hardware. Skip this step, click "not now" and wait for the inscription "next". So the PC is ready to work with the map memory.
Go to "My computer" and except for hard drives C ,D and E responsible for the DVD drive, you'll notice another, for example, G or N. This will map memorythat is connected to the computer. Click on it. You will see the whole list of files. If you want, I can leave it without change, or delete any information to free up space.
Open another window "My computer" and go to the division of the hard disk where you are interested in music. Select the required folders or individual tracks and transfer them to the window where is opened the removable disk, i.e., the map memory. Will the copy process.
When the desired amount of music transferred, look on the right side of the taskbar the icon for "safely remove hardware". Click on it and select "Stop" then appears "the device may be removed", and remove the card reader with the memory stick from the port of the computer.
Please pay special attention to the format of the stick, because it is different, for example, M2 or microSD. Not every format can come to your card reader.
Useful advice
In some computers the front USB ports are slower than the rear, so for the convenient use connect the card reader to the latest. Also for easy navigation distribute music on the memory card in separate folders, e.g. by genre or artist.

Advice 2: How to burn memory card to phone

If your cell phone allow you to play music and videos, this camera can be easily used as a pocket media player. For this you need to put in the mobile a multitude of different tunes and videos. Usually to download such files using an optional memory card, as often as the device does not have enough space to store large amounts of information. Record memory card to phone with a few simple steps.
How to burn memory card to phone
You will need
  • cell phone
  • memory card
  • - card reader
  • - computer
First write the music and videos you want to record on the phone on the hard disk of your computer. Place all media files in one folder.
If your mobile phone when connected to the computer can run in storage mode, insert the suitable memory card into the connector apparatus. Then connect cell to PC via USB cord or Bluetooth connection.
In the information window that appears on the screen of a mobile phone select "mass Storage." Then on the PC open the C drive and locate the folder where the media files.
Going into the folder, highlight music files and press the right mouse button. In the list that appears choose "Copy".
Then click the "start" button located in the lower left corner of the computer, and in the appeared window select the section "My computer". Find in this category new removable disk.
Open the mounted device and open the folder where your music files are stored. Then place the cursor in the window with the contents folder and press the right mouse button, and select "Paste".
Next, in the same way copy the produced videos. Navigate to the folder to store the video that is on the memory card, and paste the copied files.
After the necessary files will be fully placed on the memory card, disconnect the device from PC. To do this, in the lower right corner of the screen click on the icon for "safely remove hardware and eject media".
If for some reason you to connect your phone to your computer, then connect to your PC card reader that is suitable for your memory card. Then insert the card into the appropriate connector of the device and on the PC open "My computer".
Prepared copy media files from your hard disk and paste them into the appropriate folders on the drive. After this operation, you can safely remove the device.
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