You will need
  • PC;
  • Navigator;
  • USB cable;
  • software;
  • - service center.
In stores navigators are sold with pre-installed electronic card and electronic. If the Navigator has no pre-installed map, the device will have to connect to your home PC and download the desired licensed software on their own. The new Navigator may not be determined by the computer system due to several reasons.
Check the device connected to the cable. His inconsistency can also be the cause of the conflict. Use other suitable cable. Remember, the set of connectors on the Navigator depends on the specific model, but usually GPS devices supplied with standard USB inputs. Faulty USB connector is also one of the causes of the conflict between PC and GPS device. Take your device to a service center. Experts will establish the exact cause.
If you are connecting the device the computer still shows "USB device not recognized", try to check the USB settings in the Navigator. Some devices may not be recognized through the USB port due to the mismatch of the connectors. USB universal data transfer interface. Different and current, and the speed of data transmission. For example, there are USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. The connector of the device must match the settings for the USB interface on the PC. When connecting the wrong external device, a conflict may occur due to the mismatch between USB.
For correct recognition of the Navigator may need to install additional software on the PC. For example, the ActiveSync program to synchronize mobile devices with your computer. Total Commander or similar file Manager. This program will help to obtain information about the system to see the device invisible and system files.
If the GPS device is equipped with a removable memory card, it can not be determined due to a malfunction of the media. Try replacing the media. PC will not identify the Navigator, if the system has not installed the appropriate software driver. Connect to a computer, only a fully charged Navigator. Due to weak battery PC also does not detect the device.
The computer may not see the receiver due to a malfunction of the device. The cause of the fault will install only the authorized service center. In this case, you need to repair Navigator or replace it.