Before you boost any engine, remove the set power limiter. Without this process forces loses all meaning. Often, instead of the power limiter includes a maximum speed limiter. Delete it, too. After forcing the engine, most likely, the motor will develop maximum power and torque at higher revs.
Chip tuning is a reprogramming of the engine management system in order to develop higher. In practice it seems simpler to force changing control unit injection. In order to do it yourself, you do not need extensive knowledge. Purchase this unit for motorcycle in the bike store, selling tuning kits. Installation instructions will be included with the product. This method of storage is suitable only for modern motorcycles of foreign manufacture.
If the motorcycle has carburetor the power supply system to boost a wide variety of methods. Standard carburetor hone, increase the diameters of the Windows, nozzles, change the settings. Or install a dual carb, twin cylinder engine. If you have the opportunity to purchase specially designed sports carburetor, buy and install it. But not all models of domestic motorcycles you can choose the right model.
A forced exhaust system of the engine is also worth it to upgrade. Install flow muffler, purchased the same bike store. More serious tuning is to install a completely new sports exhaust system. For her installation in the engine, you may have to contact the tuning firm.
Turbocharging is a serious way to boost the engine. Not all motorcycle engine tuning companies produce ready-made options. Even in the presence of kit-the kit turbocharger refer to the experts to install it on the bike.
Tuning of the cylinder-piston group of the engine is forced to increase the compression ratio of the engine. To do this, change the combustion chamber by milling the pistons, change the stroke of the pistons by installing a sports camshaft. Adjust the timing and angles of the ignition setup for the new compression ratio. Note that in many cases, to install a turbo or compressor on the engine need not increase, and the decrease of the degree of compression.
In addition to these, purchase and install aftermarket kits, without which none boosted engine. This air filter zero resistance, racing camshaft, capable of operating at high and ultra-high speed sports ignition system, and more. All depends on the extent of the forces and financial possibilities of the owner.