You will need
  • - satellite dish.
Install the wall mount the antenna on any vertical surface. It is desirable to collect it and install multifidi at home, and then fixed to the mount. Install a Central lens on a Central bracket of the antenna, as well as multifidi, designed for fixing side LNB.
Connect the multifeed settings for the head on the satellite Hot Bird, if you look at the antenna, it is on the left. The arc satellite antenna put on the mounting strip. Pull her bolt-nut on the other end of the strap install the fasteners in the form of a ring. It insert a metal tube having the holder of the Converter. Set the lens on multifeed. Turn it around 100 degrees in face-to - satellite antenna, against the direction of movement clockwise. As a rule, one division is five degrees.
Install the second multifeed, as well as a Converter to connect to the satellite Amos, he is on the right, Converter rotate 15 degrees counterclockwise. Secure at the arc center of the third Converter, position it 15 degrees to tune to a Sirius satellite. Finally tighten all the fasteners, careful contact with the mounting converters.
Adjust the antenna to the satellite. First, install a Central satellite, to do this, wire the Converter plug to the input of the DiSEqC switch. Then connect the cable to the tuner input and adjust the equipment to the satellite, for example, Sirius. Connect the receiver to the TV, perform the setup according to the instructions. Select mode in the menu "antenna Setup", set the following settings in manual search: frequency – 11,766, horizontal polarization.
Get the signal, which consists of two characteristics, quality and strength. Focus on the first indicator. Install the antenna vertically and slowly rotate. Maximize the value of the signal and include the scan mode, to determine which satellite is configured. The screen will display a list of channels.