Concurrent employment is by the employee other work under a labor contract in their spare time. This work should be regular and paid. Director of the company is also entitled to work part-time. Such work is issued by the labor contract (same as basic).
A person authorized in the company to change the terms of employment contracts of the employees, authorizes the Executive Director a part-time job and prepares all the necessary documents. The combination is made so:
1. Is supplementary agreement to the employment contract of the Director, which describes the nature of the work, States that this work is a part-time job.
2. Published the corresponding order.
But the design of Directors concurrently there are difficulties. Director of the company may work concurrently for another employer only after receiving permission of the authorized body of the company or the owner of its property at main place of work. Thus, you must first obtain such a permit. This is done in order for the employer on a primary place of work was confident that the Director will be able to fully carry out their functions in the company. The procedure of registration of such resolution is usually defined in the Charter of the company.
If the Director of the company is its sole member, respectively, any permits him to do not need. Use a simple procedure of combining the execution of additional agreements and publication of the order. It is worth remembering that by law, the duration of work part-time should not exceed 4 hours a day. If the Director is free to perform work duties at the main place of work, he can work part time full time.