You will need
  • forms of documents, pen, A4 paper, computer, printer, printing company, documents of the employee, details of employer.
The employee for adoption by him for the position of part-writes the statement of work in the name of the first person of the company. Specifies the name of the company, the chief officer, his name and initials. Also he must write in the header of the application their full name, name and patronymic. Fits full address of the place of residence (postal code, oblast, district, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments). The contents of the statements the employee makes his request for admission for a specific position concurrently. Puts the date of writing of the statement and his signature. In a statement, the company's Director puts up a resolution, which specifies that the employee is employed in combination with a certain date, and signature.
Conclude the employment contract, which specify all the details of the employee and your company. Verify that this position is for a worker, the combinationm. Set the contract number, date of detention. The worker puts his signature on the one hand, with the other Director of the company, certified by the contract seal.
The Director shall order the employee for the position of part-time. The order is assigned a number and the date of publication. The Director signs the order, puts the seal of the organization.
It would seem that all the formalities are overcome, it's time to make the entry in the workbook. But it is necessary to write the application addressed to the Director, HR to employee did employee have a part-time job. The Director signs this statement.
The personnel officer prepares employee work record. Puts the serial number of the record and the date of admission to a part-time job. This record follows the record of the main work. In the column "Data on work" the employee of the personnel Department registers the fact of employment of part-time workers. But certainly indicates that at this position the employee is adopted in combination. The reason is the order of the part-time job, is it the number and date of publication. The personnel officer puts his signature and seal of the enterprise.