You will need
  • Documents of the organization, the application to FNS.
In order to obtain a duplicate bin, prepare the following documents:
1. Name of organization (LLC, IP, CJSC, OJSC), which needs to obtain a copy of the certificate.
2. Himself state registration number of your company in FNS (the bin for the company, OGRN for the individual businessman).
3. Individual taxpayer identification number (TIN).
4. Transmission to organisations (SP missing).
5. Name of the General Director of the organization (SP), the data of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
7. The serial number of a lost certificate on state registration of firms with the tax authority.
All of the above data can be found in the extract from the Unified state register of legal entities - to EGRUL or egrip (for individual businessmen. A statement should be requested at the tax office at the place of registration.
Preparing properly all the necessary documents, go to the tax Inspectorate at the place of registration of your organization, so as to obtain a duplicate PSRN (OGRN). Provide the appropriate tax officer the original copies of duplicates of documents contained in the registration records of your legal entity. Employee FNS must certify each copy with the official stamp and put his signature on it. Then pay the state fee for issuance of a duplicate bin in the amount of 200 € If a duplicate is required to urgently, the fee will be 400 rubles.
Submit official tax inspection the application for issuance of a duplicate bin. This statement write in the free form. Issued you a duplicate Primary state registration numbers of your legal entity (individual entrepreneur) according to the legal force is equated to the lost original. A duplicate copy should also be certified by the stamp and signature of the tax officer responsible for this procedure.