You will need
  • in a passport application, a receipt of payment
The General procedure for obtaining a copy of the sentence set by the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation. The article 312 of the code provides that within 5 days from the time of sentencing by the court of its copy to the convicted (acquitted), lawyer and Prosecutor. At the request of the victim (civil claimant or defendant), their representatives a copy of the verdict may be given to them.
A literal interpretation of this provision means that the convicts, their lawyers and the prosecutors will receive a copy of the judicial act, even if not to request it. But the victims and their representatives to obtain a copy will need to apply to the court with a written statement. But those and other one copy of the verdict is always issued free of charge.
However, there are cases when you need multiple copies of the judicial act. He might just be lost, it can be spent, accompanied by any statement (statement of claim, for example) or cassation, Supervisory complaints as evidence. So you have to re-apply to the court for the results already repeated or multiple copies of the verdict.
In this case, automatically a copy of the verdict is not sent anyone to go to court will have all parties to the process. Current legislation allows you to copy repeatedly, for this, you will need to pay the state duty. The fee will inform the employee of the office of the court, since in each case it will depend on the number of pages of the verdict.
From payment of duty can be exempted only sentenced to actual imprisonment, which are not able to pay for it. However, the person will need to prove that they do not have the means to pay. Such evidence may be a certificate of the institution where the convict is serving his sentence, out of his personal account funds, and the absence of any relatives who could pay the state duty.