You will need
  • organization name, her number, the tax authorities, Internet
The actual existence of the firm is only one side of the issue. It must be legally registered, have a license issued by the state authorities. Therefore, to track the existence of the firm you better through the official structures and documents.
In addition to the name of the organization and its address, you need to know its number in the unified state register of legal entities (EGRUL). Primary state registration number (OGRN) issued since August 2002, so this information will be relevant only for firms established after that date. This room, as well as taxpayer identification number (TIN) is contained in the seals, and on all official documents of the company. Bin is 13-and 15-digit. The combination of numbers are selected not randomly, so a basic test you can do yourself.
If a bin consists of 13 digits, drop the last one, and the remaining number divide by 11 (the first step). Do not count the rest, the whole is the number you multiply by 11 (the second step). Calculate the difference between the obtained values of the first and second step. If this figure is not equal to the last digit (the check mark) in the bin, you invalid number.
For 15-digit bin of the sequence of actions is identical, but only multiplication and division is carried out on the number 13.
The most accurate and fresh information will be provided to the tax authorities where you can send a request to desired company. Before doing this you will have to pay legal costs.
To obtain information from the register you can on the various Internet sites offering this information for review. Fill in a special form of search. It might slightly vary, but common fields for all sites is OGRN/INN organization, its name, exact address or the subject of the Russian Federation, where the company resides. The fact that firms with the same name there are many. More precise the search query will save you from having to view the entire list of companies of the same name. But using a query through the website, remember that the databases of the website may be out of date at the time of your request.