You will need
  • Computer, music center, wire-adapter
Planning to connect musical center to a personal computer, you have to get a special cord adapter that will allow you to synchronize the devices. You may need two types of leads: with split plug on both ends (current when connecting the music center to your PC via a subwoofer), and the wire with split plug on one end (required for direct connect center to the computer). As you know, there are two ways to connect music center to a PC, which we will discuss in more detail.
Connecting the music center to a PC via the subwoofer.
If you notice on the back panel of your entertainment center, you will see two nests close to each other (audio). One bifurcated end of the wire insert in these nests, while the other forked end must be inserted into the subwoofer (instead of speakers). Turn on stereo and set it to playback mode "AUX".
Connect musical center to a computer directly.
In this case, you will need a wire, one end of which is equipped with a split plug, and the other one. Insert the forked plug to socket music center. A solid plug should be inserted into the audio output on the rear panel of the computer. In the dialog box, specify the device as the "center channel/subwoofer". After connecting, turn on the stereo and set the mode to "AUX". So you follow the correct connection of the centre to a PC.