Prepare your speakers and amplifier to work. If they are not used, then at least covered with dust RUB them. Locate all network and patch cords from the amplifier and speakers, connect them with each other. Usually the connection diagram is quite simple. From the amp one wire goes to the network and two separated on each column. Do not connect speakers to the amplifier when it is enabled.
Look at the rear panel socket for connection to the amplifier. Insert the plug. The other end of the switching wire insert in one of the amplifier channels. Need inputs you can find on its rear panel. Turn the amplifier into the socket and press the On button.
Test the amplifier to connect to the old computer speakers. Connect the old player, tape recorder or record player. The main thing here is to check whether the signal and whether it is transmitted without distortion. It is necessary not to burn the sound card your personal computer. The efficiency of the amplifier and speakers you can also test using bare from one end of the wire that is inserted in the amplifier input. This will show the background level and whether he did, but it is better to connect the player.
Make a cord adapter. As a rule, in old amplifiers input "spatialecology". In your sound card input "mini-Jack". You need to make a cord to connect the amplifier and old speakers. For this you need a shielded two-core wire and two plug - minijack and spatialecology. Solder them on different ends of the wire.
If you have such a talent there, go on radio the market and order such an adapter there. In the store you are unlikely to find it because spatialecology connector for a long time already not in use.
Connect the minijack output of your sound card, and spatialecology - in amplifier input. Run the computer any audio track and adjust the volume on the amplifier. Adjust the volume, timbre, balance, etc. connected to the computer such a system is simple if all required switching. Before each shutdown the amplifier completely remove the volume.