To connect karaoke to the computer in several ways. You can choose the one that suits you best.

1st method: install the program to listen to karaoke files

To install the program to listen to karaoke files on your personal computer, you need to go to a special website and download the latest version of the program. One of the most popular programs developed by website is Galakar. The program is undemanding to resources of the computer and operating system, allows you to listen to MIDI files and also has free installation, which is important.

A special program you can download on the website of the developer.

After downloading you need to run the file setup.exe to have the program installed on your computer.

2nd method: karaoke discs

An easier way to connect karaoke to buy special CD karaoke. To sing karaoke with CD/DVD, you just installed program on the computer to watch a DVD and microphone. This disc can be found in stores specializing in the sale of CDs with music and movies. You will learn a special drive by the inscription "the Karaoke collection".

In order to enjoy karaoke, you will need a microphone to be connected to the computer. Professional karaoke kit includes a microphone, however, if you only have the disk or program, a microphone can be connected separately.

Set the microphone


  1. Connect the microphone to the system unit of a computer. The output and the connector is painted the same color (the headphones are green, and the microphone is pink).

  2. Connect the microphone to the computer by clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.

  3. Click on the speaker icon in the window.

  4. Open the tab "Levels".

  5. Click on the button opposite the label "MIC", if on this button there is a crossed out red circle.

The process is completed.

To connect karaoke it is advisable to use professional microphones with built-6.3. For the best sound quality you can connect the computer through line-in entrance to the music center, and select the AUX mode.

You can choose the way that suits you most, which is more understandable. Connect karaoke to your computer!