Advice 1: How to connect a laptop to the music center

It is not necessary to buy a powerful stereo system for listening to your favorite music with the laptop. After all, if the laptop is weak and quiet dynamics, it can be connected to the music center, which will be a kind of booster circuit for "laptop speakers".
How to connect a laptop to the music center
You will need
  • Cable with 3.5 mm Jack and two bells.
Everything you need to connect your laptop to the music center, is the laptop itself, the music center function AUXЭ, which is almost 100% musical centers, and a cable adapter of appropriate length. Cable should have two bells on one side and one Jack on the other. Such a cable can be bought in any store radio/video electronics and parts, its price is in the range of 100-200 rubles.
Bells or tulips usually have red and white color denoting the sound channels. The cable usually consists of two bonded wires or sheath of one wire (actually inside the shell, two thin wiring, for outputting left and right audio channels).
Jack is a metal pencil, standard 3.5 mm This Jack is used in all portable headphones, and the output for it – in all players and many mobile phones.
The cable should be of appropriate length to easily and tension-free wire to connect your computer to the music center.
Jack inserted into the headphone output on the laptop, marked with a painted or engraved headphones on the side of the computer case. The bells are connected to the amplifier (the music center) in accordance with the colors of bells and sound outputs.
After connecting the cable, turn on AUX or VIDEO at the music center, and the sound from the laptop will output to the speakers.
Useful advice
To adjust the music volume on the music centre and laptop.

Advice 2 : How to connect a laptop to the Internet without wires

If your house is several computing devices, for example, computer + laptop, you can configure a wireless connection to the Internet. You need to have special equipment, the prices of which are plummeting every month.
How to connect a laptop to the Internet without wires
You will need
  • router TP-LINK TL-WR841ND;
  • - a laptop with a working Wi-Fi module.
When using a router TP-LINK TL-WR841ND you can connect up to 4 computers to your network, as well as an unlimited number of devices with Wi-Fi interface. To connect your laptop to the Internet via a wireless connection it is not necessary to have a home computer, you can configure the router using a wired connection on the laptop.
If you are a user of Windows XP, the connection is made by the applet, "local area Connection Properties". Click "start menu", select "Connections" then "Show all connections".
In the opened window click the right mouse button on the icon "local area Connection" and click "Properties". Place the cursor on the item "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and click "Properties".
In the opened window check the "Use the following IP address" and fill in the following fields: IP address (standard ip for this connection type), the subnet mask is always set automatically, after clicking on the empty field to this value. Click "OK" to close the window the connection settings.
For the operating systems Windows Vista and Seven you need to do the same, but the name of the applet has a different name - "network control Center".
After performing these steps, plug the router according to the scheme specified in the instructions for use. Don't forget that you need to install special software (small CD-ROM included). You can also download the firmware from official website and install it. After restarting the laptop and router you wireless access to the Internet.
If the signal has not appeared, try to configure additional PPPoE connection, a sample of which is also specified in the instructions.
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