To implement all the capabilities of your sound card it would be better to use a stereo and multichannel receiver which, in addition, enables the connection of digital data transmission channel.
Check the manual of your sound card or inspect its connectors and find the digital output, that will need either coaxial or fiber optic cable. The receiver usually has both inputs.
Connect the digital output of the sound card to the input of the receiver. In addition, it makes sense to connect the analog outputs of the soundcard to the corresponding inputs of the receiver, otherwise you will lose multi-channel capabilities in games (true, especially for Creative cards). Switching between these inputs is usually done with one button on the remote receiver.
Configure an output device for sound on your computer digital interface (for games switch to analog).
Customize your audio filter (such as AC3Filter or ffdaudio) to pass digital stream AC3 and DTS without treatment, but MP3 and others - on the contrary, may be encoded in the AC3 and only then are transmitted to the receiver.
Select appropriate receiver speakers and enjoy the sound.