How to hold a tyubazh

A month before the procedure is recommended to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and in the last week to go on a vegetarian diet. To conduct tyubazh will need 5 grams of sorbitol, half a liter of mineral water (Essentuki, Borzhomi, Arzni) and warmer. The gas water must be removed. The easiest way is to leave the bottle open for a few hours. Mineral water can replace ordinary, but the effect in this case will be somewhat lower.

Tyubazh should be held in the morning on an empty stomach:

- sorbitol dissolve in a glass of water, heated to 40-45 degrees, take the resulting solution and lie down under a warm blanket;
- after half an hour drink a glass of warm water without sorbitol, lie on your right side and apply a warm heating pad to the area of the liver.

The sign of a successful procedure will be the increased release of stool, until the diarrhoea. For this reason, tyubazh should be planned for the weekend.


The main symptoms of excess bile in the body:

yellow-green patina and a sense of bitterness on the tongue;
- bad breath;
- nausea;
- heaviness and pain in the right upper quadrant;
- intestinal disorders.

In addition, may cause itching, headaches and joint pain, vision problems, irritability.
Tyubazh with sorbitol cleans the gall-bladder and its ducts from bile stasis and, consequently, helps to get rid of the accompanying symptoms. Another advantage of the procedure is its simplicity and cheapness.


Blind intubation is absolutely contraindicated if the gallbladder has stones the high probability of blockage of the bile ducts.

There are other contraindications:

- duodenal ulcer;
- pregnancy:
- exacerbation of chronic diseases;
- infectious disease.

Tyubazh with sorbitol should only be undertaken after consultation with the doctor or his recommendations.

What else should I know about tyubazh

In the first days after the tyubazh food must be sparing: fruit puree, boiled vegetables, light cereal.
During the tyubazh perhaps the presence of pain – because the gallbladder. This is a normal phenomenon. But if the pain increases sharply and is of a stabbing or cutting nature, might in the gallbladder were still rocks, and there was a blockage of the bile duct. Should immediately consult a doctor.

To obtain a stable effect, the procedure should be carried out every 7-10 days 12-15 times a year.