Bile is the secret to produced by the liver. It is an essential element involved in digestion. The composition of bile include water, fatty acids, cholesterol and inorganic substances.

To understand why you need the bile, it is necessary to reveal the mechanism of body during digestion.

Bile secretion (process of formation of bile, holeras) is continuous – as in the absorption of food, and in the absence of it. Moreover, the intensity of her release depends on the type of food, its amount and other circumstances related to the meal.

5-10 minutes after you start eating the biliary excretion begins and continues all the time until the food is in the stomach. In the stomach bile mixes with the fats and dissolve them (emulsifies), improves the absorption of amino acids and vitamins, prevents the rotting of food. It is necessary to obtain useful substances contained in food, and for further promoting of the gastrointestinal tract.

In the event of a break in the meal, the bile flows into the gallbladder, where it changes its composition, concentrating. Here it is stored until a new portion of food that, in the future, mingling with the bile, the liver is highlighted, navigate to the duodenum to continue the digestion process.

The main functions which should be performed bile is the absorption (suction) of fat from food and cleanup of toxins, converting them into non-toxic, getting rid of poisons.

Mindful of the role that bile plays in the digestion process and generally in the normal functioning of the body, should follow the rules of supply and try to lead a healthy, physically active lifestyle.


• inactivity-if gluttony, as gluttony itself,
• eating large amounts of fat (pork, heavy cream, cream, butter, etc.) and carbohydrates (cookies, candies, pastries,etc.)
• there are rare, but in large quantities
• in the night, in the night and lie down after lunch
• to get addicted to sodas.


• dietary fiber (fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, lentils, dried beans),
• vegetable oil,
• consume more fluids,
• vitamins.