Treatment with folk remedies

The most effective method is a poultice of the softened garlic and bacon. Slurry is applied to the affected area at night. To continue treatment should be until then, until the corn disappears.

Also helps lemon rind or leaves of aloe. Ordinary onion has the same effect. Break it into pieces, pour vinegar and put it on 24 hours in a dark place. Next, attach the corns morning and evening.

If corn has recently appeared, use the bread crumb soaked in vinegar. Also very good potatoes. Rasparte feet in warm water, then put on the affected area the poultice of grated potatoes. Secure with a bandage.

Another effective method lotions from vegetable oils. Apply it to the affected area for a couple of hours for several days. So you need to do if the corn is fresh. If the knot had fully formed, the oil should be left for the night. Such an operation may have to be repeated more than once.

To get rid of corns on your little finger, you can use compresses of fresh herbs. It is best suited for this purpose calendula, ivy, dandelion juice.

The advantages of the use of folk remedies, is obvious. They have no contraindications. The only exception is the idiosyncrasy. In addition, this treatment does not require large financial costs, and to purchase similar medication at any pharmacy in the city.

However, it is understood that by choosing one type of treatment, you cannot switch to another. So you not only don't cure the corn but will provoke new complications.

Traditional treatment

Not everyone has the time to prepare compresses and lotions. Then you can use antiseptics, ointments, creams, special corn patch. They effectively remove rough skin and thereby solve the problem.

For help to the experts

Sometimes to cure a blister alone, does not work. Then you should seek help from a doctor. For example, a podiatrist or physician. Especially should be wary if the first signs of infection.

Experts will help you choose the right product. Advise you on what shoes best to wear. Running corn will likely recommend to remove it with liquid nitrogen or laser.

The most effective is laser removal. Ill cauterize tissue, preventing its spread. In addition, removal of corn laser painless. Contraindications also exist.