You will need
  • The envelope
  • Brand
Modern postage stamps in Russia are of two types. The first is a gummed stamps, which are deposited on the adhesive layer. To stick them, please reverse the surface brand. Gummed stamps are wet and tongue is the traditional way, it is most common among many people. But if you want to stick a lot of stamps, this method is certainly not ideal. Then, as a rule, use a mug or Cup with water, dipped in her finger, and they moisturize the reverse side of the stamps to make it stick.
The second type – adhesive stamps are those which humidification is not required. Usually adhesive stamps produced on a thin substrate of paper, smooth on one side. To attach a stamp of this type, it is necessary to remove the backing, and stick a stamp on an envelope.
On the envelope there's a special place reserved for brands, it is in the upper right corner. Often there's even a painted frame, which designates the place for the brand. If several brands, you should stick them next to the one that lay marked on the envelope frame. It is better not to glue more than three marks in a row, and instead to transfer the following brands to the next row to make the area more like a square and not a long strip. So employees of the postal service would be put in envelope printing is a testimony that mark "redeemed", that is, the shipment counted by the postal service.
Postage varies depending on its type. Stamps are used to pay for letters or postcards. If you are sending a simple letter to Russia, and it weighs less than 20g, the cost of stamps on envelopes should be of 13.92 R. If the weight of the letter exceeds 20 g, then for every 20 grams of overweight need to pay 1,48 R. Registered letter with minimal weight needs to brand in the amount 30,68 R. Superiority for a registered letter paid as usual. The letter with the declared value, requires stamps to the amount of 69,62 R, for every 20g of excess weight need to pay to 2.01 p. All amounts are inclusive of VAT.