You will need
  • Envelope, stamps, pen.
Fill in the fields "recipient" and "sender". For sending emails over the border the rules are different in design. Fill in all fields in the following order:— name, house number, apartment, street name, city, zip, country.
Write all the information legibly, in printed letters better. For Example,Mr. Tomothy Sauer,14 - 57B, Verona str.,London, 321C2,UK.
If you send a letter to Russia, the recipient address write in Russian. Just to repeat in English. Delivery of your letter will mainly deal with the Russian post. The recipient's address, you can always write in the language of the country where you are sending the letter. This option is best used for sending emails to Asian countries. But you should also send the country name in the Latin alphabet.
Stick stamps, appropriate postal rates to your country on the envelope. They can be found when you purchase envelopes and stamps in the store. If you want to put inside the envelope a surprise, which would add to the letter, you may need a larger number of brands.
Check the correctness of filling all the fields. All information indicated, and in what order. Paper letters are easily lost or restored.