You will need
  • address of a recipient;
  • envelope;
  • - money to pay for postal services.
Ask your relative or friend living in Germany, his exact mailing address. In addition to the street, house and apartment, you need to know the index (in Germany it consists of five digits) and the correct spelling of the city name and the transcription of the name of the addressee.
Decide what type of email you want to send a letter or parcel. Delivery by Mail Russia takes a lot of time, while the delivery system can significantly speed up the process. But the speed will cost you extra money.
If you decide to send a letter of non-state delivery service, select the offices there are in your city and town of the recipient. In Russia there are several international operators such as DHL and FedEx. Pricing is usually similar. To send bring in the selected branch of the letter or parcel. Employees of the organization will pack them in place. Also you will have to fill out a receipt that you need to specify the address and the recipient's name and your location. Pay the shipping and don't forget to get your copy of the receipt. In some cases, the letter is assigned a special number and you can monitor his movement, referring to the information on the organization's website or by phone.
When selecting a Mail of Russia to send foreign correspondence, better to turn to the Central post office of your city. His employees can be more experience of sending letters abroad. Select the rate method of sending. It can be a regular or Express post at an additional cost. After selecting pay for stamps and envelope.
You can also send the letter by Mail Russia alone. To do this, purchase at the kiosk or post office in a special envelope to send abroad that does not require stamps, attach it with your message, seal it and throw it in the nearest mailbox.