Get a bookkeeping business manual on the preparation of material reportor Order "On the accounting policy, where must be specified the order of the accounting of material resources, their grouping, the formation of average prices, the order of arrival and redemption.
Print balances of resources at the beginning of the month. These data you can obtain in the accounting business. If they are not available, inventory. In this case, the date beginning the period for financial reportand will be the date of the inventory. Balances should be reflected not only in quantitative but also in monetary form. Reflect balances of resources at the beginning of the period in the rows of the report.
Reflect in the material reporte all the resources you received during the reporttion period. This operation is carried out on the basis of primary documents: invoices, claims, applications etc. Reflected in the reporte need not only in quantitative/physical terms, but also in value. For this reportwill provide a column of "Price/cost". Consider the same resources with different price/cost of revenues separately, reflecting them in different lines of the report.
Reflect in the material reporte all the resources that you have issued/released in the reportof Mr. period. This operation is also carried out on the basis of relevant primary documents: checks, requirements for release/shipping, invoices, requests those documents that are set for this kind of operations in your company. A reflection of consumption of material resources actually spent by consumers. To do this, provide a vertical column
Then calculate the residues of material resources as of the final date of the period. To do this, use the formula: Balance at end of period = Balance at beginning of period +ward for the period loss for the period. Reflect the calculated material balances in the reportE. Lead the reconciliation with related departments (internal displacement) and enterprise accounting. Give the report to the accounting Department.