You will need
  • flat is well ventilated containers with low edges
Strawberries usually ripen by mid-June, depending on how much solar heat will give the beginning of summer. But as soon as the clearings will be the first red dots, it's time to take the empties and go for strawberries. By the way, about the packaging: since this berry is unlike garden strawberries, softer and more easily wrinkled, three-liter cans and buckets it is better to leave the house. Collect the strawberries in a bowl with a wide bottom and low sides.
For collection well-suited for transparent bowl, preferably with ventilated holes. Folding them berries, you can monitor the status of the lower layers under the weight of they give juice. Even better, if you have a wicker basket. The collected berries are ventilated, and the temperature inside the basket will remain close to natural.
For this purpose, suitable plastic containers, which usually sell baked goods. But before tucking them berries, make as many holes in the bottom and the walls of the container. Take one bowl or basket, and as much as possible, and you'll bring home whole berries instead of the strawberry pulp.
Berries do not get crushed as long as possible, gather them together with the sepals. But then you'll have to Rob the strawberries before eating or harvesting for the winter, and it's double the work. Save the form and useful properties, collecting strawberries bunches-bunches. If you decided to do this a bunch, in no case do not remove the stems, and cut them with a knife. Pulling out the stem, you are breaking the root system of the plant.
Berries longer retained useful properties and avoid smearing, you want to pick them after the morning dew or in the evening, but on the contrary, after the dew. So strawberries longer retains its shape and will not "melt away" ahead of time. But there are collected the berries at any time of the day.