Citizens of foreign countries who arrive to Finland for seasonal work, you do not need a residence permit or a residence permit if they reside in the country for more than 90 days. In this case, foreigners need only to obtain a regular visa at the Consulate of Finland. The visa can be issued three months before the expected arrival in the country. For registration, besides the standard documents, you will need a job offer from the Finnish side.

What you need to know about picking strawberries?

Strawberry in Finland is going on special farms. It's quite hard work, but he is well-paid. Besides, does not require any special skills. The average monthly salary may be around 3 thousand Euro. It varies depending on the generation. As this kind of earnings is difficult to entice the local population, farmers are happy to accept workers from other countries for the collection of strawberries. In addition to strawberry plantations in Finland developed plantations of raspberries. Very often they are planted nearby. The most widespread berry plantations got near the town of Suonenjoki is located in the Central part of the country.

When to go to work?

The season of gathering of berries begins in may with the planting of seedlings and ceases in September with the clearing and preparation of the plantation for the winter period. Strawberries can be collected from early June to late July. After picking strawberries, most of the workers left to pick the peas raspberries, wild berries and mushrooms.

How to get a job?

To obtain a job in Finland can be anyone. It is necessary to leave the application on the website of the Ministry of labour of Finland or on private job sites. The application must be filed in the Finnish language. Language skills are not required for this. To complete the form will be sufficient to use a standard translator built into the browser. To get to Finland, both independently and with the help of shipping companies that organize group trips of workers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Work schedule

Working day collector strawberry starts in the early morning. Early in the season, when the farms of berries is not enough, it can last 4-5 hours. In high season the working day lasts 9-10 hours, sometimes up to 11 hours. The duration of the working day and the number of output is set by the owner of the farm.

Weather does not affect the collection of berries. Collectors have to work in rain and heat. The berries are collected in baskets. The average weight of a full basket is 2.5-3 kgs. After the employee collects 2-3 of the basket, he carries them to the berries.