In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to know a few little tricks to growing and caring for this plant.

The the first is the purchase of seedlings. They need to buy only in the checked local nurseries. This will guarantee the quality of seedlings and the fact that the strawberries were grown for the area where is located our cottage.

When buying you must pay attention to the kidney growth and root system. Kidney growth needs to be large. The roots are very well developed. The more roots, the better. The plant is well established and will be healthy.

When planting you must make sure that the roots were smooth, and the kidney of growth was level with the ground. Moreover, it is desirable to plant strawberries on high beds. They are better warmed up. During the rains the on such beds is not stagnant water. Disadvantage of these beds – they are quickly freed from snow in the spring, there may be physiological dryness and the plant will die. This is because the kidney growth begins to grow, and the roots are still warmed up and began to work. The plant exhausts himself and dies. To protect the plant from destruction, must be right for snow to pour sawdust 3 cm thick, or put a plywood Board. This will be enough to delay the melting of snow.

That was a lot of strawberries, it is necessary to feed the infusion of mullein. Pour infusion necessary during the summer at least three times. For the first time - before flowering, there will be many berries. The second time after flowering, to lay a lot of new buds. Third time in autumn, so the plant was strong and had survived the winter. In addition to feeding not to forget to water when dry. Water should be enough and at the same time, it is impossible to pour the berry. The more water, the more sour it will taste.

The answer to all the labour and attention are large and sweet berry flavoured strawberries.