You will need
  • - rotted compost;
  • - sand;
  • - IAA;
  • - mulch material.
Time for planting of strawberries should be chosen depending on the climatic characteristics of the area where you are going to grow this plant. In areas with frosty winters with little snow it is recommended to plant strawberries in the spring to summer the plants had enough to get stronger. In areas with milder climates planting a strawberry you can wait until the beginning of autumn. If you want to get the first harvest the following year, plant the young plants in the ground in July and early August.
For strawberry they are all illuminated portion of the light, not waterlogged soils, which in the past three or four years did not grow peppers, potatoes, tomatoes or the strawberries. If you are going to plant strawberries in the spring, prepare the soil in the fall. For summer and fall planting land is prepared two weeks before planting.
Dig the selected plot of land, thus removing the roots of perennial weeds, larvae of beetles and wireworms, if they come across when digging. And those and others damage the roots of the strawberry, so it is better from them in advance to get rid of. Make-rotted compost or manure is based three or four pounds of fertilizer per square meter of soil. To improve the structure of heavy clay soil it is recommended to make sand.
To plant the garden strawberry is recommended in wet cloudy weather. The prepared bed should be watered abundantly for two days before planting.
Separate the rooted rosettes from shoots, which they grew up, and dig them out of the land, if you take planting material from their own beds. Open the roots of young rosettes are encouraged to dip in a mixture of water, clay and IAA. Five liters of fluid, you will need one tablet of the drug.
Garden planted strawberry rows located from each other at a distance of about sixty centimeters. Between bushes in a row leave period of twenty-five to thirty centimeters. Spread the roots of the plant and sprinkle them with earth so that the growing point was not below ground level.
Pour the flower bed and sprinkle the soil with a layer of sawdust. If you are going to use the mulching non-woven fabric, spread it on the garden before planting the strawberries, and secure the edges. On the ground, where there will be plants, mulch film holes are cut.
Primary care of the planting the strawberry is reduced to the loosening of the beds and weeding. In dry weather, planting should be watered. After harvest, the strawberries are cut, removing the old leaves. In the process of trimming the bushes at harvest two to three years leave some of the toughest creeping shoots with young rosettes, which can be used to resume planting strawberries.