To collect a good harvest in early spring to take care of the beauty and purity of strawberry plantations. First, cut off with scissors or secateurs all the old leaves. They can be seen immediately, they are either yellow (dry), or red spots. Continue to produce loosening the soil between the plants, at the same time destroying the weeds. This is great for a not very wide sharpened hoe. Tillage is shallow (shallow), otherwise you can damage the roots of strawberries. If the plantation is not too large, then it is more convenient to operate easy manual rychlicki.

Strawberry plantation that grows for more than three years, needs feeding. You can use fertilizers or complex (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium). Some growers simply scatter granules on the garden, but this method is ineffective. It is better to deliver fertilizer directly to the roots. To do this near the roots of each Bush make indentation and fill him with pellets. So they definitely get to the root of the plant.

It is important to remember that strawberries each year builds up a new green mass, and after a few years it will be noticeably protrude above the ground surface. So plants need a little hill to hide the old stems.

Keep the moisture at Bush and not allow the weeds to grow helps the soil mulching – covering the soil certain material. As mulch for the strawberries it is recommended to use old aired peat or birch sawdust. Most importantly, do not overdo the quantity. So, too big a layer of sawdust in contact with the ground may begin to rot from the bottom, taking it from the nitrogen. With this mulching will have to be on a bed with plants an extra dose of nitrogen.

Now there are many new varieties of strawberry, and many gardeners are eager to try to grow them on the plot. But fashion is not worth chasing. It is better to choose time-tested varieties, to share planting material with experienced gardeners, and at the same time and listen to their advice. Then fragrant red strawberry is sure to delight with a rich harvest.