Perhaps the most fragrant wild berry – wild strawberry. It has a wonderful taste, it makes a great jam. Strawberries grow in abundance on the edges of birch, coniferous and mixed forests, on meadows and hillsides, preferring a rather dry sod-podzolic soil. It is also found in the forest between the trees, but much less likely, because likes the lighting. Absolutely cannot stand excessive moisture, therefore, does not grow in swamps.

Ripening wild strawberries depend on the specific climatic conditions of a particular locality. In most parts of European Russia it is possible to start collecting from the first decade of June, the harvest usually lasts two to three weeks.

Cranberry, by contrast, thrives in the swamps, so that is where her and collect. In this dark red acidic berry a lot of advantages: it has a lot of vitamins (especially vitamin C), other nutrients, its teas have a tonic and antipyretic activity. Delicious famous cranberry juice. Cranberries are harvested from mid-September to early October.

Cranberries – a small, dense Burgundy-red berry, often with a white sideways. This is very useful berry. A decoction of leaves of bilberry helps in the kidney disease, the berries are beneficial for rheumatism, tuberculosis. Pickled cranberries – a great side dish to meat, poultry, fish. Due to the high concentration of natural preservative – benzoic acid this berry for a long time does not deteriorate. It is harvested in the second half of August to early September in coniferous forests and peat bogs.

Extremely useful also blueberries. It is eaten fresh, candied, cooked from it jam, jelly. It has beneficial effects on vision, removes disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the oral cavity. Growing blueberries in coniferous forests, peat bogs, sometimes on the mountain slopes, it is harvested in July-August.

Of course, we cannot forget about the forest raspberries. Although its berries are smaller than garden berries, they are also delicious and fragrant. Raspberry has antipyretic action, normalizes metabolism. In many parts of the Siberia forest raspberries have a great length and very thick. So the locals, gathering berries, were talking loudly from time to time knock on metal objects: and in order not to lose each other, and to scare away the bear who also loves to eat this sweet berry. Terms of gathering wild raspberries appear on the end of July – beginning of August.