Harm from ongoing trimming of the bushes of strawberries

After the return of crop plants are again preparing for the laying of flower buds and the upcoming winter. If you trim all the leaves under zero", instead of all of the power to direct the future flower buds, the plants are mainly involved in the restoration of foliage, which serves as a "blanket" in the winter. A "strut" crippled and health of the bushes, the harvest in the next year the grower will receive less.

The exposed and unprotected roots of a radical "haircut" suffer from solar overheating and will dry. Plants will again protect, and restore damaged roots.

Benefit from ongoing cropping strawberry leaves

If you start pruning just the old "waste" leaf, without touching the young, and the bushes provide the best air flow and ventilation is good for plants.

You can remove patients with a spotting of the leaves, in order to avoid outbreaks of fungal infections.

You can remove the leaves, if berry bushes so impressed by spider mites. He lives and feeds on leaves, weakening the plants.

When you can trim the leaves of the bushes of strawberries

If, however, more reasons for pruning leaves, preferably such event to hold immediately after picking berries. The bushes should be given time to "recover" and "to grow" until the beginning of August (in Central Russia). In the more Northern regions of the country to such a question should be approached carefully before making a decision.

In any case, after harvest, pruning leaves, all the bushes should be treated against diseases and pests, feed potassium and phosphorus fertilizers and be sure to water, especially if the weather is dry.