Advice 1: How to cool an aquarium

Every summer before the owners of aquariums raises one problem – what to do when the water in the tank is heated to 30 degrees. It is known that such temperature can be disastrous for most fish species. So what to do?
How to cool an aquarium
Too high water temperature in the aquarium is dangerous because the solubility of oxygen in it decreases, while the content of harmful carbon dioxide increases. In addition, the decomposition of organic substances takes place in superheated water faster, and it can also cause poisoning of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Please note that not all fish can tolerate sharp temperature rise of the water, many people can get heat stroke. Overheating also has a negative impact on the work of aquarium equipment, since the different filters and pumps not equipped with their own cooling system, are cooled they with carrying water, hot water is often the reason that they fail.So how do you cool the water in the tank in extreme heat? There are several ways, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Take advantage of special chillers for aquariums. Such devices are reliable and do not consume a lot of electricity. However, please note that they have disadvantages. They are very expensive (worth at least 500.e. and don't count), aquarium of large size will require multiple devices, which means exorbitant costs. In addition, many of these devices work only under the condition that the ambient temperature does not rise above 35° C, which if abnormal heat in the summer makes them just useless. In addition, these devices are not equipped with their own cooling systems, which means you have to cool the device itself (often with the help of a fan).
Try to use for cooling aquariums so-called "old-fashioned" ways. For example, a daily change of the water in the aquarium. Take part warm water and replace it with the cooler, thereby, the overall temperature of the water in the aquarium decreases. In the most advanced cases, replace up to half of all the water in the aquarium.
The second way (more effective). Place it into the aquarium with ice bags. Most importantly, make sure the container with ice well closed, because if you happen to leak, fish may die due to hypothermia. Ice packs put into the most obscure corners of your aquarium, as the fish contact with the package can end in tears. Change the packs every 5-6 hours.And another tip. In extreme heat, keep the lid of the aquarium open, evaporation of water will help to reduce the temperature of the water. If you keep so-called Bouncing fish, cover the tank with mesh with small cells (small to fish in them, not stuck).

Advice 2 : How to cool the water in the aquarium

Every summer, aquarists are faced with a big problem – the need for cooling water in the aquarium. The problem arises not only because the water temperature becomes uncomfortable for the fish, but because the water decreases the oxygen content, along with the increase in carbon dioxide. Ways to cope with letney heat, there are several.
How to cool the water in the aquarium
You will need
  • thermometer for water;
  • - a plastic bottle of water;
  • - fan
  • - chiller
Buy apartment air conditioning. This method will allow you to make a comfortable life not only the fish in the aquarium, but also to other inhabitants of the house. Of the disadvantages of this method worth noting is the high cost, the drying air and nemobilat the device itself. If you have multiple aquariums, placed in different places of the apartment, you will not be able to install air conditioning on each.
Will buy a special refrigerator for aquarium water. It's called chiller. The chillers appeared on the market recently. Their appearance is due to the fact that aquariums are increasingly equipped with new electrical devices, like filters, lighting, pumps. These, no doubt, useful devices can heat up greatly and increase the temperature of the water. The main drawback of the unit is its price. The minimum price is $ 500.
Cool the water in the aquarium using bottles of frozen water. Pour water into a regular plastic bottle and put it in the fridge. When the water freezes, the bottle can be lowered in the tank.
Keep in the fridge was always full of bottles on shift, so will have to change them quite often.
Try to cool the water in the aquarium with the help of enhanced evaporation. For this you will need a fan. Aim a strong jet of air on the surface of the water. The airflow must be of such force that the water formed ripples.
Penetrate into the tank cap hole in two different parts. Their sizes should match the size of the fans. The holes fine mesh, so that the fish couldn't jump out.
Mount the fan over the hole so that the stream of air enters water at an angle of 45 degrees. This will speed up the evaporation, and the temperature in the tank decreases.
The main disadvantage of water cooling with a fan – the loss of water. For a week in 100-liter aquarium evaporates about 5 gallons. In addition, greatly increases the humidity of the air that could be harmful to others. Too high humidity can lead to damage to furniture and the formation of mould and fungus on the walls.
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