To feed fry , it is recommended 5-7 times a day in small portions. In the first half of the day it should give food 3-4 times with an interval in 1-1,5. You can then make a three-hour break. Increase the interval of feeding in the second half of the day to 2-2. 5 hours. In the future, the number of feedings can be gradually reduced.
For feeding you can use or a homemade mixture. Typically, the first food for the fry becomes a "living dust" - tiny organisms that live in ponds. In "menu" it is recommended to enable the nauplii of Cyclops, rotifers, water "hell". In warm time of the year to make a "living dust" can be your own. Take a container, fill it with water and leave it on the street for 1-2 days. Take a strainer and gently collect mosquito larvae and other insects.
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Allowed the use of frozen feed similar in composition to the "living dust". However, their nutritional value is slightly lower than that of the living. You can also use a special dry food, combining it with the plant. However, professional aquarists use a ready-made dry food only as a supplemental feeding.
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If you are, for one reason or another, did not have time to stock up on prepared food, or the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the mixture, then, for the first feedings, you can use egg yolk. Boil eggs in steep and let it cool. Remove the yolk and break off a small piece. Hold it between your index and bolim finger, dip it in the water and carefully RUB. The resulting "dust" will serve as a good food for young. Keep the yolk should be in the refrigerator, maximum 3 days. Also for "emergency" feeding you can use egg and milk powder and dry milk.
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Often enough to supply the fry swordtails bred ciliate-shoes. Introduction in the diet of this microorganism accelerates the development of fish, improves growth and makes them move actively. Boil and cool two liters of water. Pour into a jar and put a banana peel. Place, away from direct sunlight, for 3-4 days in a bright warm place. First, the water in the pot turbid and begin to emit a sweet odor, then again will become transparent. Thereafter, the resulting solution is slowly added to the aquarium with a syringe or spoon.
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The growth of fry feeding on larger food. From the second week you can enter in the diet of finely chopped brine shrimp, bloodworms and Tubifex.
An hour after feeding the fish should be thoroughly clean the bottom of the aquarium with a thin hose, collecting the uneaten food, and replace some of the water.