Advice 1: How to feed the fry of the sword

A few hours after birth, the fry swordtails are quite independent and need food. Theoretically, algal plaque, available in the aquarium can suffice them for a day or two. However, remember that feeding the fry in the first days of life, influencing their further development. Therefore, the approach to drawing up a "menu" it is necessary very seriously.
How to feed the fry of the sword
To feed fry , it is recommended 5-7 times a day in small portions. In the first half of the day it should give food 3-4 times with an interval in 1-1,5. You can then make a three-hour break. Increase the interval of feeding in the second half of the day to 2-2. 5 hours. In the future, the number of feedings can be gradually reduced.
For feeding you can use or a homemade mixture. Typically, the first food for the fry becomes a "living dust" - tiny organisms that live in ponds. In "menu" it is recommended to enable the nauplii of Cyclops, rotifers, water "hell". In warm time of the year to make a "living dust" can be your own. Take a container, fill it with water and leave it on the street for 1-2 days. Take a strainer and gently collect mosquito larvae and other insects.
Allowed the use of frozen feed similar in composition to the "living dust". However, their nutritional value is slightly lower than that of the living. You can also use a special dry food, combining it with the plant. However, professional aquarists use a ready-made dry food only as a supplemental feeding.
If you are, for one reason or another, did not have time to stock up on prepared food, or the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the mixture, then, for the first feedings, you can use egg yolk. Boil eggs in steep and let it cool. Remove the yolk and break off a small piece. Hold it between your index and bolim finger, dip it in the water and carefully RUB. The resulting "dust" will serve as a good food for young. Keep the yolk should be in the refrigerator, maximum 3 days. Also for "emergency" feeding you can use egg and milk powder and dry milk.
Often enough to supply the fry swordtails bred ciliate-shoes. Introduction in the diet of this microorganism accelerates the development of fish, improves growth and makes them move actively. Boil and cool two liters of water. Pour into a jar and put a banana peel. Place, away from direct sunlight, for 3-4 days in a bright warm place. First, the water in the pot turbid and begin to emit a sweet odor, then again will become transparent. Thereafter, the resulting solution is slowly added to the aquarium with a syringe or spoon.
The growth of fry feeding on larger food. From the second week you can enter in the diet of finely chopped brine shrimp, bloodworms and Tubifex.
An hour after feeding the fish should be thoroughly clean the bottom of the aquarium with a thin hose, collecting the uneaten food, and replace some of the water.

Advice 2: How to feed a 4 month old baby

Mother's milk is the best nutrition for an infant. It provides not only a balanced composition, but also immunity, which is vital for a small body, not yet able to withstand multiple infections. But by four months the needs of the baby in the substances is increasing, so its menu gradually emerging new products.
How to feed a 4 month old baby
The diet of 4-month-old child consists of five feedings of breast milk. One of the feedings add fruit juices that are injected with 1 month. With 1.5 months for the second feeding is added Solenoe Apple. And already with 4 months to add a third feeding first solid foods – vegetable puree, which consists of potatoes, carrots and cabbage.
After full adaptation of the baby vegetable puree (2 weeks) one breast feeding, replace the feeding. Accordingly, the daily diet of 4-month-old baby has four breastfeeds and single - vegetable purees. The approximate interval day feeding 4 month old baby is 3.5 hours, and night – from 6.5 to 8 hours. The intervals between feedings individual, but to develop a good the secretion of gastric juice, it is better to stick to the diet.
Feeding a 4 month old child on artificial feeding, is slightly different. All the lures for these children administered two weeks earlier. Accordingly, the daily diet of 4-month-old child consists of four feedings adapted mixtures (180 g), one feeding diluted cow's milk (150 ml) with the addition of half a hard-boiled egg yolk and one feeding vegetable puree (150 ml) with the addition of olive or corn oil (half dessert spoons).
One of the feedings add Apple juice, the other grated Apple. On the recommendation of the pediatrician give specially prepared for infants cheese. Start with 1 teaspoon and within a week was adjusted to 3-4 tablespoons. Cheese is better to give milk.
Because formula milk linger longer in the stomach, feeding a 4 month old baby on artificial feeding is carried out with a greater interval than usual, and with less volume of food.

Advice 3: How to feed guppy fry

Aquarists – people are busy. Not only that, they have to observe strictly the time of feeding fish, and constantly clean the aquarium, change the water in it and decorate it, as resources permit. And if there is a fish and offspring – and then trouble increases.
How to feed guppy fry
Check whether a well-lighted aquarium. And adult guppies and the fry need as much light as possible. In the first days of life fish the lights in the aquarium off the clock.
Purchase, gather or grow in the home live food for the fry in advance. Do not feed them dry food. First, it is difficult to immediately determine the amount, and second, the excess forage can form on the surface of the water film, and third, this food is still too rough for them. For dry food, they can be converted when they get a little older.
During the 1st week of life to feed the fry should be 4-5 times a day, on the 2nd and 3-4. Up to 1,5-2 months the fry should be fed at least three times a day. If you are difficult to carry out almost all the time at home, try to set up an automatic feeder, but remember to remove the remnants and to ensure that feed was enough for everyone will own you.
Best fry feed "dust" (rotifers, all nauplii and Cyclops) or microcephaly, grown on pureed carrots. Finely crushed bloodworms, Tubifex or nematode fry can be fed not earlier than the 2nd week of life, only a very short time and in extreme cases.
Instead of live feeds of hopesick you can nurse pounded almost to dust the egg yolk (or scrambled eggs), yogurt, grated on a fine grater cheese. But using them is only as foods. Please note: from egg yolk, the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy, it is better to give the fish any other bait.
Pour the yogurt with boiling water, wait until curdle the protein, and catch it with a butterfly net. Lower net protein into the aquarium and gently shake until it forms a cloud of small particles of food. Cheese (or milk) is poured in the aquarium as well as any other food.

Advice 4: Everything about dachshunds: how to walk, feed, maintain

The Dachshund is an unusual dog. It combines the activity of a true hunter, and the charm of plush toy. For many years, dachshunds are loyal and loving human friends.
Dachshunds are popular Pets!
The Dachshund is popular all over the world dog breed. Despite his small stature, long torso and short legs, these dogs are agile and muscular creatures. It's inventive, playful and mischievous creatures.

Everything about dachshunds: how to care

Proper maintenance fees – the guarantee of health of dogs and peace of mind to its owner. One of the main rules of the maintenance of this animal is its timely walking. After walking paws pet must be well wiped with a damp cloth. If the dog is not afraid of water, it is recommended to wash her paws under running water. If the rate while walking is very dirty, it is necessary to wash all. It is necessary to use only special shampoos designed for dogs of this breed.

Fees are divided into shorthaired, longhaired and Wirehaired dogs. The type of their wool will depend on appropriate care. For example, dogs with short hair after a walk, wipe with a towel, and longhaired dachshunds should be brushed with a special brush. Despite the fact that most of the people acquire exactly the short-haired Dachshund, the coat of their Pets can be wound parasites such as mites or fleas.

For the removal of various parasites use coal-tar soap, special drops, sprays, powders, etc. Before use of a drug, you should review the manual. The fact is that any medication intended for a pet, designed for his age, his weight, and the appearance of its coat.

Everything about dachshunds: how to walk

Daily walks are important not only for taxes but also for any other dog. Correct walking dachshunds means double benefit: first, it reduces the risk that the dog will celebrate the need in the house, and secondly, the pet slowly, but surely, will explore the nature, to communicate with their fellows, to frolic and to maintain their health in normal. Should as often as possible to walk with puppies Dachshund: it makes them less skittish and more sociable. By the way, to walk the puppies after vaccination.

To dog adult Dachshund brought her the maximum benefit, you must follow a few rules. First, we need to choose new routes. This will make a walk in another new adventure. Secondly, it is necessary to remember about the safety of walking your dog. The fact that taxes become less manageable, as distracted by external noise. You must keep your dog on a leash, so that she accidentally got lost or ran over by a car.

You need to remember that roaming fees are no less than 3 times per day. The duration of the walk must be at least 20 minutes. That's enough time to pet relieve themselves, interacted with other dogs, enjoying the air and ran about happily. In winter, the duration of walking should be about 10 minutes. In winter, the fees recommended to buy or to sew warm clothes.

Everything about dachshunds: how to feed

Your pet should be fed primarily meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb. Happy Dachshund eat fish. In any case can not give these dogs bones! From them no nutritional value, but suffer and teeth, and intestines. Cereals as source of carbohydrates, will also be useful for taks. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits. As for more power you can use milk and milk products, seafood, bakery products and so on. You cannot overfeed your Dachshund, as it may lead to obesity, while the load on the spine will increase, and can cause injury.

Advice 5: What to include in the menu for an anniversary 55 years

Depending on where it will be such a solemn occasion, should choose a number of on-duty meals and those that will surprise guests. It all depends on the financial possibilities of the birthday boy and his wishes.
anniversary 55
In the summer many choose to spend their anniversaries in nature, for example, at his dacha or in the garden outside the city. Most importantly, to provide all the nuances of such pastime. Be sure to grab the tableware – plates, glasses, cups, forks, spoons and knives. If you plan to barbecue, then you cannot do without a large grill and skewers.

Menu for the country option

The menu for the anniversary in nature, in addition to meat for frying, you might have grilled fish and poultry. While preparing a barbecue, guests should treat the original sandwiches. It can be snacks of vegetables and cheese, white bread, smoked sausage, and snacks based on tomato: cheese, garlic, herbs and salt. It is not recommended to include in the menu of perishable products, such as caviar. As for sweets, cakes and chocolates is to keep in a portable refrigerator, or to bring in the second half of the holiday. Alcoholic beverages should not be too concentrated in degrees, appropriate white wine and light beer products.

Optimal snack outdoors can be an ordinary hash with the addition of meat. Vegetables will perfectly fit with the main idea of the event. For guests-vegetarians should be placed on the table with seasonal fruits, some of them can be cut in pieces, others pinned on "skewers".

The anniversary in a cafe

If the anniversary is scheduled to be held at home or in a cafe, then a list of possible dishes is expanding. First, it is meat, cheese, fish in all sorts of ways, mushroom cuts. You can prepare the rolls of puff pastry baskets with a filling, and hot sandwiches.

Without a salad table will seem empty. Recently popular an unusual combination of chicken with pineapple, green Apple with beef. All of this is diluted with simple ingredients and dressed with mayonnaise or a special sauce. Among the "on duty" meals include Olivier", "Herring under fur coat and salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.

For hot you can apply a real Uzbek pilaf cooked in a cauldron. Many are content with meat in French. Cake if there is no free time and skills of its preparation it is better to make to order. Private master will take note of all your wishes regarding the composition of the cakes and filling, and will cause a congratulatory inscription on the surface of confectionery pieces.

Advice 6: What to feed a bedridden patient

People who are limited in movement and confined to bed, it is very important to follow a proper diet. It helps the body to recover and also prevents the development of diseases and the formation of bedsores.
What to feed a bedridden patient

Nutrition of bedridden patient

In hospital food bedridden patient is determined by the dietitian and attending physician. At home to plan the diet of the patient is much more complicated, and in order to accomplish this, you must adhere to certain principles.

Note that the bedridden person should consume at least three liters of water a day. This will improve digestion and excretion of toxins.

In the human diet, which is confined to bed, must contain at least 120 grams of protein. It can be both vegetable and animal origin. Therefore, the menu should include fish, meat, cheese, and tomatoes, carrots and potatoes.

You need to limit fat intake to 100 grams a day maximum. Its excess, as a rule, leads to metabolic disorders or obesity.

The main sources of energy are carbohydrates. However, in the daily diet should contain not more than 500 g. They remove cholesterol from the patient's body and are a source of energy.

An important part of the menu down to a patient are vitamins, especially vitamin C. It increases immunity, improves the blood vessels and the activity of the liver. His daily intake is 120 g, and the sources of this element are green onions, parsley, rose hips, and sauerkraut.

Adaptations for feeding bedridden patients

If a sick person violated grasping movements, may need special dishes, for example, a dish that has sides, to avoid falling food or fork with rim.

Bedridden patients with impaired coordination of movements, fit the deep bowl on a stand to avoid slipping. Also popular are non-slip napkin and utensils on the suction cups.

For patients with weakening of grasping movements, suitable special Cutlery with thickened handles. They allow the patient to tightly clench the fork or spoon.

The supine patient, it will be convenient to take food using an overbed table. It is installed on the railing of the bed, but if she medical. You can also buy a small table on legs that are put directly on the bed.

Functional bedside table because it can be used not only for feeding but also for reading. Especially comfortable tables with Skirtings and sloping table top.

In addition, there are other devices, for example, supports for supporting the forearm and straps. This category may include prosthetic devices, which contribute to raising the hands to the mouth of the patient.
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