You will need
  • - fridge
  • - ice;
  • - cotton towel;
  • Sol;
  • - plastic pelvis;
  • - ceramic or glass cups.
The most popular means of cool drinks and summer houses is the fridge. Place a container of water in a cooler and keep it there until until the liquid has cooled. The smaller the volume of the box, the faster cools the water. To speed up the process, use the freezer. However, you need to make sure the water is not turned into ice. Not recommended to put in fridge, very hot waterbecause it can get the techniques down.
Quite rapidly cools the liquid, placed in a bowl with ice. Fill a plastic basin with ice and place a bottle of water. It will cool for half an hour.
If no ice, no refrigerator, try the following. Take a cotton towel and liberally wet it with strong saline solution. Wrap the fabric water bottle and place it where there is a draught. The stronger it will be blown by a wind, the faster it will cool down the liquid. Similarly, you can chill the watermelon or cantaloupe, which was lying in the sun.
Very often for urgent chilling drinks in the nature are used by the surrounding water. To do this, immerse the bottle with the liquid in a river or pond, after taking care of that she didn't leave. It can be heavier, tying some cargo, or just put in a plastic bag tied to a stick on the shore. Instead of a pond you can put the bottle in the usual bucket filled with water of low temperature. However, the cooling time is thus significantly increased.
In order to cool a small portion of hot water, take two small ceramic if glass Cup with thick walls. Pour the liquid from one to the other until, until it reaches the desired temperature. In this way, you can cool 200 ml of water in just a few minutes.