Advice 1: How fast to cool the water

There is probably no more effective remedy against thirst than a glass of clean, cool water. Especially actual this problem becomes in the summer, with the onset of the sweltering heat, when it is necessary to obtain a large amount of cool water in a relatively short time. There are several variants of rapid cooling of water at home and in nature.
How fast to cool the water
You will need
  • - fridge
  • - ice;
  • - cotton towel;
  • Sol;
  • - plastic pelvis;
  • - ceramic or glass cups.
The most popular means of cool drinks and summer houses is the fridge. Place a container of water in a cooler and keep it there until until the liquid has cooled. The smaller the volume of the box, the faster cools the water. To speed up the process, use the freezer. However, you need to make sure the water is not turned into ice. Not recommended to put in fridge, very hot waterbecause it can get the techniques down.
Quite rapidly cools the liquid, placed in a bowl with ice. Fill a plastic basin with ice and place a bottle of water. It will cool for half an hour.
If no ice, no refrigerator, try the following. Take a cotton towel and liberally wet it with strong saline solution. Wrap the fabric water bottle and place it where there is a draught. The stronger it will be blown by a wind, the faster it will cool down the liquid. Similarly, you can chill the watermelon or cantaloupe, which was lying in the sun.
Very often for urgent chilling drinks in the nature are used by the surrounding water. To do this, immerse the bottle with the liquid in a river or pond, after taking care of that she didn't leave. It can be heavier, tying some cargo, or just put in a plastic bag tied to a stick on the shore. Instead of a pond you can put the bottle in the usual bucket filled with water of low temperature. However, the cooling time is thus significantly increased.
In order to cool a small portion of hot water, take two small ceramic if glass Cup with thick walls. Pour the liquid from one to the other until, until it reaches the desired temperature. In this way, you can cool 200 ml of water in just a few minutes.

Advice 2 : How to cool the water in the aquarium

Every summer, aquarists are faced with a big problem – the need for cooling water in the aquarium. The problem arises not only because the water temperature becomes uncomfortable for the fish, but because the water decreases the oxygen content, along with the increase in carbon dioxide. Ways to cope with letney heat, there are several.
How to cool the water in the aquarium
You will need
  • thermometer for water;
  • - a plastic bottle of water;
  • - fan
  • - chiller
Buy apartment air conditioning. This method will allow you to make a comfortable life not only the fish in the aquarium, but also to other inhabitants of the house. Of the disadvantages of this method worth noting is the high cost, the drying air and nemobilat the device itself. If you have multiple aquariums, placed in different places of the apartment, you will not be able to install air conditioning on each.
Will buy a special refrigerator for aquarium water. It's called chiller. The chillers appeared on the market recently. Their appearance is due to the fact that aquariums are increasingly equipped with new electrical devices, like filters, lighting, pumps. These, no doubt, useful devices can heat up greatly and increase the temperature of the water. The main drawback of the unit is its price. The minimum price is $ 500.
Cool the water in the aquarium using bottles of frozen water. Pour water into a regular plastic bottle and put it in the fridge. When the water freezes, the bottle can be lowered in the tank.
Keep in the fridge was always full of bottles on shift, so will have to change them quite often.
Try to cool the water in the aquarium with the help of enhanced evaporation. For this you will need a fan. Aim a strong jet of air on the surface of the water. The airflow must be of such force that the water formed ripples.
Penetrate into the tank cap hole in two different parts. Their sizes should match the size of the fans. The holes fine mesh, so that the fish couldn't jump out.
Mount the fan over the hole so that the stream of air enters water at an angle of 45 degrees. This will speed up the evaporation, and the temperature in the tank decreases.
The main disadvantage of water cooling with a fan – the loss of water. For a week in 100-liter aquarium evaporates about 5 gallons. In addition, greatly increases the humidity of the air that could be harmful to others. Too high humidity can lead to damage to furniture and the formation of mould and fungus on the walls.

Advice 3 : How to quickly chill drinks

The easiest way to combat the heat is to drink cool water. Therefore, the question of rapid cooling of drinks during the warmer time of the year is quite relevant. Of course, you can just put the bottle in the freezer, but it is not the fastest way.

Use the fridge or the freezer

The simplest way of cooling is the refrigerator. However, a liter bottle of water or other beverage refrigerator will cool forty-five minutes to two hours, so this method is even the easiest but not the fastest.

The freezer will cope with cooling a lot faster. To further speed up the process, wrap the bottle in a damp towel or cloth before placing it in the freezer. Moisture evaporates from the surface of the towel will be much faster to cool down the bottle. Will not overdo it in the freezer, otherwise the drink will freeze, and you'll need time to thaw. With a wet towel, the bottle can be cooled to an acceptable temperature in about twenty minutes.

For the following method, you will need ice. In General, a small supply of ice cubes in the freezer can make life significantly easier. The easiest way to put ice in a glass and there is already a welcome to pour the water, which quickly becomes extremely cold. However, this method is only suitable for those drinks that you can not mess up, diluting them with melted ice.

You can use ice for cooling the whole bottle and not just part of its content. To do this, pour into a suitable large container with cold water from the tap, pour more ice and place a bottle with drink. Cold water will cool the bottle faster than cold air, because it holds the heat much better.

How to chill drinks in the nature

If you want to cool a bottle of drink in the nature or your refrigerator just broke down, it is possible to use improvised means. Find a piece of any fabric (this can be your spare shirt or t-shirt), very tightly wrap her bottle, securing the ends so they don't unravel. Then pour the resulting design water. Suitable water from a pond, river or stream. Don't worry, she gets inside a tight closed bottle. This "technical" water can be any temperature, even if it's warm, all will be fine.

In this method, as in the case of the freezer, it's all in the evaporation of water, which takes away a considerable amount of heat, which leads to cooling. So the only thing you have to do is to put the wrapped and sprayed with a water bottle at a draught in the shade. The stronger the wind, the faster will be the cooling process. In most cases, to achieve the desired temperature a half hour.

Advice 4 : How to cool an aquarium

Every summer before the owners of aquariums raises one problem – what to do when the water in the tank is heated to 30 degrees. It is known that such temperature can be disastrous for most fish species. So what to do?
How to cool an aquarium
Too high water temperature in the aquarium is dangerous because the solubility of oxygen in it decreases, while the content of harmful carbon dioxide increases. In addition, the decomposition of organic substances takes place in superheated water faster, and it can also cause poisoning of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Please note that not all fish can tolerate sharp temperature rise of the water, many people can get heat stroke. Overheating also has a negative impact on the work of aquarium equipment, since the different filters and pumps not equipped with their own cooling system, are cooled they with carrying water, hot water is often the reason that they fail.So how do you cool the water in the tank in extreme heat? There are several ways, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Take advantage of special chillers for aquariums. Such devices are reliable and do not consume a lot of electricity. However, please note that they have disadvantages. They are very expensive (worth at least 500.e. and don't count), aquarium of large size will require multiple devices, which means exorbitant costs. In addition, many of these devices work only under the condition that the ambient temperature does not rise above 35° C, which if abnormal heat in the summer makes them just useless. In addition, these devices are not equipped with their own cooling systems, which means you have to cool the device itself (often with the help of a fan).
Try to use for cooling aquariums so-called "old-fashioned" ways. For example, a daily change of the water in the aquarium. Take part warm water and replace it with the cooler, thereby, the overall temperature of the water in the aquarium decreases. In the most advanced cases, replace up to half of all the water in the aquarium.
The second way (more effective). Place it into the aquarium with ice bags. Most importantly, make sure the container with ice well closed, because if you happen to leak, fish may die due to hypothermia. Ice packs put into the most obscure corners of your aquarium, as the fish contact with the package can end in tears. Change the packs every 5-6 hours.And another tip. In extreme heat, keep the lid of the aquarium open, evaporation of water will help to reduce the temperature of the water. If you keep so-called Bouncing fish, cover the tank with mesh with small cells (small to fish in them, not stuck).

Advice 5 : How to cook cottage cheese in the yogurt maker

Despite the abundance of dairy products in the shops, cottage cheese is no less popular. Food cooked with your own hands can be extremely delicate taste, it definitely does not contain harmful additives. Fresh homemade cottage cheese is a healthy protein, lots of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. To make a delicious and valuable product owner will help the yogurt maker.
How to cook cottage cheese in the yogurt maker

How to squisiti milk in the yogurt maker

To make home-made curd, first we need to squisiti milk. The good, thick yogurt turns out of solid rustic product. Get it from the farmer or at the market from a reputable supplier. In a pinch you can use pasteurized milk in packages. Pour it in the pan of the food metal and heat to 35-40oC, but in any case, do not let it boil.

Then warm milk to put leaven. You can use pharmacy calcium chloride (at the rate of 5 ml per Cup) or special bacterial starter, such as VIVO (1 vial 1-3 l). When you use a store-bought product, carefully read the manual of use. As a homemade starter will also fit the heated fermented baked milk, sour cream or warm with natural yogurt without fruit additives (0.5 cups per 1 liter).
If you are confident in the quality of natural milk, first boil it, then cool to 35-40oC. After that it can be used for making cheese.

Mix well the milk and pour it in the container of the yogurt maker. Close all the filled tanks, install them in the device and close the cover. Turn on the yogurt maker for 4 hours, then let it stand with the containers inside it is off for 4-5 hours. After this time open the lid and tilt the device – it will help you to ensure that the contents of the cups thickened.

The cottage cheese in the yogurt maker: the final stage of cooking

After fermentation of milk you have to separate the cheese flakes from the whey. To do this, pour the curdled milk in a saucepan and heat on a water bath to approximately 60-70 o C (do not boil!). You can put in hot water the containers if convenient. In the process of heating fermented milk product at least two to three times his mix.

The pan (or containers) with heated fermented milk, put in very cold water to cool quickly. If you did everything correctly, the serum should be rapidly separated from cheese flakes. Set on a large pot a strainer or colander, lay two layers of clean cheesecloth and strain the yogurt. When the liquid has drained, you'll have delicate curd.
Optionally, you can add in cottage cheese, berries, fruit slices, jam, puree or other flavorings. However, this should be done immediately before use of the product.

To obtain a granular product form a gauze bag and hang it over the dishes to fully drain the whey. Ready treat you can freeze for future use, store it in the refrigerator compartment nutritionists permitted only within two days.

Advice 6 : How to quickly remove swelling of the eyes

Beautiful and smooth complexion – perfection sought by many girls. Unfortunately, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes often spoil the appearance. To correct this situation, use tested recipes of folk medicine.
How to quickly remove swelling of the eyes
You will need
  • - green tea bags (chamomile);
  • - cucumber;
  • - milk;
  • water;
  • - egg protein;
  • - potatoes;
  • - cotton swabs (CDs).
If the problem of puffiness of eyes you suffer regularly, be sure to seek the advice of a specialist. An experienced doctor, having examined the state of your body, will appoint the necessary treatment and procedures.
If swelling of the eyes is associated with fatigue or lack of sleep, use the recipes of traditional medicine. They are easy to prepare and quickly rid of this disease.
For preparing a poultice to relieve swelling of the skin around the eyes you will need 2 bags of green tea (chamomile), 1 Cup of boiling water. Brew the tea bags for 20-30 minutes. Ready means cool in the freezer. Cotton pads (tampons), soak in cold tea and apply on the eyes. After 10-15 minutes the swelling goes down.
No less effective to remove swelling from eyes will help the chilled cucumber juice. This tool perfectly removes redness and soothes the skin. Chill the cucumber in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Cut thin slices of the vegetable and apply them to the eyes. After 15-20 minutes you will notice a positive result.
Use chilled milk to quickly remove swelling from eyes. To do this, leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Cotton swabs (CDs) soak in cold milk and apply to eyes. After 10-15 minutes, wash with cool water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
An excellent tool for removing edema from the eye is egg white. It effectively nourishes the skin, making it smoother. Whisk 1 egg white into a thick foam. Put the finished product on the eye area. After 10-15 minutes, the rest of remove with a cotton swab (disk) soaked in cool water.
Prepare a mask of raw potatoes. For this clean single tuber RUB on a small grater. The resulting slurry wrap in gauze bags and put on the skin around the eyes. After 10-15 minutes the swelling goes down.
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