You will need
  • The water tank
The first thing to remember is that any fresh water from the tap, a well or wells for fish is not suitable. Tap water most often has a large proportion of impurities, including a large amount of chlorine. Water from a well or borehole is too hard. In any case, fresh water is the right temperature, which is necessary for the lives of fish. In principle, a small amount of water, if it is in your area is chlorinated, you can pour in the tank and without preparation. However, it would be better to defend it.
Как менять воду в аквариуме
What kind of water, except water, can be used for aquariums? If to fill in the tank you take the lake or river water, before use it must be heated to a temperature of +70 degrees to kill unwanted microorganisms. Urban rain or snow for aquariums not suitable, as it contains large amounts of harmful impurities. The use of rainwater or snow water from rural areas is possible, but it needs to be filtered.
чем слить воду из аквариума черепах
How to defend the water? Pour water to the aquarium into a large container with a wide mouth and cover the top with gauze. Defending water for several days to two weeks. The settling time depends on the quality of water in the region where you live. During this period, harmful impurities contained in water, will decompose or evaporate. If you just purchased an aquarium for the first time water can stand in it. And, in addition, that you will get a settled water, you also make sure that the tank is not leaking.
как менять воду в аквариуме с рыбками
How to determine that the water has settled enough? First try to replace all the water in the aquarium once, but only one-third. If the fish upon such substitution, the I feel fine – try to replace the water entirely. Watch for fish. Some aquarists go to the trick and changed the water first start cheap fish. And only if they are of good health – restore the rest.
как склеить аквариум
And finally, the last tip on how to determine that the water settles well: smell the water functioning habitats for fish. If it smells like a pleasant freshness – everything is fine. If the smell is unpleasant – something in the aquarium is not so. Among the reasons of an unpleasant smell, except water, which incorrectly upheld, failure to comply with the rules of aquarium care and dirty ground.
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