You will need
  • Deep container, a net, a brush with stiff bristles, hose, bucket.
So, prepare a deep container. Pour it in the pre-settled water. Tap water for replacement you must defend at least three days. If you ignore this rule, chlorine and other harmful substances will not evaporate completely, and the fishes will die.
Как менять воду в аквариуме
Carefully remove from the aquarium all live plants and rinse under cold running water. Then put them in a container separated by water. Rotten and shorter plants get. In the same capacity lower caught snails.
чем слить воду из аквариума черепах
Then take a jar or bowl and pour a little bit of settled water. A net to catch the fish. They are likely to be scared, and it will not be easy, try to catch the fish carefully, not to damage.
как менять воду в аквариуме с рыбками
Remove from the aquarium all the stones, figurines or seashells. Carefully rinse under hot water. Use a brush with stiff bristles. In any case, do not use cleaning products - no matter how carefully you washed aquarium supplies, rinse the entire chemical substances will fail, they will fall into the water and this will lead to the death of fish.
Как сделать воду в аквариуме морской
If you have a small capacity aquarium, then pour out water you will not be difficult, if not, use the hose. To do this, below the level of the aquarium and put a bucket or any other vessel into which will drain the water. Place the hose so that one end was in the bucket, and the other in the aquarium. If water does not flow by itself, take in his mouth the end of the hose that is in the bucket, and pull much air. Once the draining process begins, quickly place the hose into the bucket. If you will procrastinate, you will swallow a lot of dirty water.
менять воду у рыбок
Thoroughly rinse the aquarium. Don't forget banning the use of detergents - just water and a brush. Start with glasses, then go to the bottom. If the fish house has a circular form - it is easier to wash.
Put the aquarium at the usual place, put stones, shells and other accessories. Secure with rocks aquatic plants. If you have a water filter, install it. Carefully, thin stream, pour the water. After filling, put in aquarium snails, and, last but not least, is the fish. After some time, feed their Pets.