Advice 1: How to heat the water in the aquarium

The majority of aquarium fish are tropical residents. Water at room temperature is not suitable for them. The aquarium must be heated. This can be done in several ways.
How to heat the water in the aquarium
You will need
  • aquarium;
  • water thermometer;
  • - the thermostat;
  • - bulb;
  • - reflector;
  • - aquarium heater.
The oldest means of heating water is a reflector. It can be manufactured by the tin in the form of a half-cylinder. At the end of the clip cartridge with an electric lamp. The lamp should be inside the reflector. Hang the device to the end of the aquarium so that the upper edge of the reflector was below the water level. This is to ensure that the glass is heated evenly and not burst. This method is suitable for heating and for lighting small rectangular aquariums with a capacity of not more than 30 L.
Immerse the bulb directly in the water of the aquarium. The cartridge will mount on the cover in a special hole that the water was only the container. The water should not touch the cartridge. The efficiency of such a system is significantly higher than that of the reflector. The power of this heating device is equal to the lamp power. But with this method, a flask is overgrown with algae.
The most perfect method is heated using a special heater. You can buy it at a pet store. This heater is a long tube, which is placed electrical coil. Vial filled with fine dry quartz sand. The sealed findings of the spiral are in the upper part. In network of this the heater will turn on with the cord.
Heaters can be of different height and capacity. Pick such that when immersed in the aquarium top with wires was located above the water level not less than 2 cm While the lower end should not touch the bottom. To maintain the required temperature you can stick to a ratio of 10 l - 10 watts.
Fix the heater in the aquarium with rubber suction cups and plastic rings. If you can not find them, can be used as fastening a metal wire. This mount should be above the water level.
Simultaneously with the heater use a thermostat. They are also sold in pet stores. Control the temperature of the water in the aquarium submerged thermometer.
For uniform heating of the aquarium circulate water install any filter. You can arrange a aeration with a compressor.
The main drawback of heating with the help of reflector is that at night the device must be disabled, and the water temperature decreases to room. The second disadvantage is the increased growth of the lower algae of the glass in the side reflector. In addition, this device is quite low efficiency.

There are salt heaters. As a rule, they improvised. Use them not worth it. The ingress of salt into the water for some fish and plants can be devastating.

Advice 2 : How to heat water using the washing machine

Modern washing machine is equipped with a special device – a heater, which heats the water. It is very convenient and helps saving time and effort of someone who decides to organize the Laundry.
How to heat water using the washing machine
You will need
  • washing machine.
To heat water for washing in the washing machine, you will need only to press a few buttons, selecting the desired program. Each of them has its own temperature regime, taking into account the contamination of linen and material of which it is made. So for synthetic products in washing machines there are special programs, characterized by lower maximum temperatures than for things made of cotton.
Wash cotton, depending on the contamination, the water temperature from 30 to 90 degrees. The maximum temperature for synthetic fabrics is 60 degrees. If you decided to wash delicate fabrics made of silk or wool, choose a low temperature to 40 degree, plus appropriate gentle wash cycle.
In the case of frequent use programmes temperature high load (wash at temperatures of 60-90 degrees Celsius), take care to protect the heating element of your washing machine from limescale. Use a variety of protective means that are sold in stores - special powders and liquids.
When choosing a washing machine consider the power of the heating element and its cover (it may be ceramic, which will provide extra protection against boiler scale).
Using the machine of the agitator type, heating the water for washing can only be achieved using auxiliary equipment such as: kettle, gas stove, water heater, geyser, etc.
Heating water using the washing machine for other purposes (except the Laundry) impractical due to the complexity of the procedure, violation of technological process of operation of appliances that can lead to failures. However, in case of emergency possible. To do this, select the desired temperature, close the hatch of the machine, then start a new wash cycle, and then, after the drum goes to water, use of its emergency discharge. Special open the front door (usually located at the bottom front of the machine), pull out the end of the hose, substitute a Cup and pour hot water.
Useful advice
Carefully read the manual of the washing machine before using it.

Advice 3 : How to bathe in the summer in the apartment when no hot water

At least once a year, in summer in city apartments, shut off the hot water, and those who do not have speakers or heaters, we have different ways to solve the problem of washing. Someone bathes in cold water, someone is boiling water in the saucepans, there are more unusual ways to wash without hot water.
How to bathe in the summer in the apartment when no hot water
Hot water in the apartments is turned off in several cases: when there are repair and maintenance works in CHP or works on reconstruction of heat distribution networks, usually these works are called the preparation for the heating season. By law, the duration of water supply must not exceed 21 days, but for most citizens this is a long time, because you have all the time or washing in cold water, or to heat water or to use other, more original ways.

How to wash with hot water, if it is turned off

A favorite, old, but the most effective way to wash with warm water – heat, and it is better to boil water in a saucepan or kettle, pour it into a bowl and dilute with cold water. Get a fairly large amount of warm water, which is enough for one wash. However, in this case water has to be used sparingly in order to not only lather, but rinse.
Wash away the foam, you can either rinsing the body with the help of a ladle or a mug, or alteras sponge.

If you really want to take a bath and no hot water, it is possible to slightly improve this method and to either boil a large pot of water or kettle a few times. All this water poured into the tub, diluted with cold from the tap – now you can luxuriate in the warmth. But if you enough water at room temperature, it is possible to gain a full bath of cold water and leave it for a few hours. But to wash off the foam will have to either in the water or in the cold.

If the water was turned off for a while, you can do the usual rubbing – wet a large towel in warm water and wipe thoroughly all over the body.

Some enterprising people who want to bathe in comfort, go to those who have hot water is to friends or relatives. While others prefer to swim in the nearest body of water, taking the soap and shampoo, because the water in the rivers are often warmer than from the tap.

How to wash without water

There are special cosmetic products that allow you to cleanse the body from dirt without water. For example is swipe for soaping, tonics and solutions for purification or cleansing paper towels. You can use regular wipes, but they will only wash off of the dirt from the body, while special cosmetics operates more efficiently.

The head can be washed by a special dry shampoo powder shampoo, thoroughly RUB into the scalp, then the hair should be brushed. Some people prefer to replace the modern means of, for example, wash your hair with flour: sprinkle flour on the head, a little support, that the flour has absorbed the fat, and comb hair. This method should not be used people with dark hair, as some flour will remain on the head.
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