Advice 1: How to heat the water in the aquarium

The majority of aquarium fish are tropical residents. Water at room temperature is not suitable for them. The aquarium must be heated. This can be done in several ways.
How to heat the water in the aquarium
You will need
  • aquarium;
  • water thermometer;
  • - the thermostat;
  • - bulb;
  • - reflector;
  • - aquarium heater.
The oldest means of heating water is a reflector. It can be manufactured by the tin in the form of a half-cylinder. At the end of the clip cartridge with an electric lamp. The lamp should be inside the reflector. Hang the device to the end of the aquarium so that the upper edge of the reflector was below the water level. This is to ensure that the glass is heated evenly and not burst. This method is suitable for heating and for lighting small rectangular aquariums with a capacity of not more than 30 L.
Immerse the bulb directly in the water of the aquarium. The cartridge will mount on the cover in a special hole that the water was only the container. The water should not touch the cartridge. The efficiency of such a system is significantly higher than that of the reflector. The power of this heating device is equal to the lamp power. But with this method, a flask is overgrown with algae.
The most perfect method is heated using a special heater. You can buy it at a pet store. This heater is a long tube, which is placed electrical coil. Vial filled with fine dry quartz sand. The sealed findings of the spiral are in the upper part. In network of this the heater will turn on with the cord.
Heaters can be of different height and capacity. Pick such that when immersed in the aquarium top with wires was located above the water level not less than 2 cm While the lower end should not touch the bottom. To maintain the required temperature you can stick to a ratio of 10 l - 10 watts.
Fix the heater in the aquarium with rubber suction cups and plastic rings. If you can not find them, can be used as fastening a metal wire. This mount should be above the water level.
Simultaneously with the heater use a thermostat. They are also sold in pet stores. Control the temperature of the water in the aquarium submerged thermometer.
For uniform heating of the aquarium circulate water install any filter. You can arrange a aeration with a compressor.
The main drawback of heating with the help of reflector is that at night the device must be disabled, and the water temperature decreases to room. The second disadvantage is the increased growth of the lower algae of the glass in the side reflector. In addition, this device is quite low efficiency.

There are salt heaters. As a rule, they improvised. Use them not worth it. The ingress of salt into the water for some fish and plants can be devastating.

Advice 2: How to heat the water in the pool in the country

If you purchased a pool to the cottage, you may notice that the water is heated slowly enough. If you don't know how to heat the water in the pool is stronger than it makes sun, you should take note of the following tips.
How to heat the water in the pool
There are special tools that are used to heat the water in the pool outside. One of these is the tankless water heater. An advantage of using it is safety and efficacy, as it is designed exactly for this purpose. In warm weather, the pool size of about 10 cubic meters a standard heater for a street frame and inflatable pools Intex companies increases the water temperature by about a degree per hour. It is installed between pool and filter pump, or instead of. The disadvantage of this device is the high energy consumption (about 3кВтт per hour). In addition, if the pool is large, then heat the water in it will have quite a long time.
Quite effective means of heating water in the pool is a special heating blanket is designed for street tanks. If to cover their pool in Sunny weather, the temperature of water for dinner will be higher by 3-4 degrees than without it. The advantage of this method of heating is its efficiency. Also covered will protect the pool from flying insects and falling leaves. The disadvantage of this method is that the top layer of water is heated to significant temperatures, in that time, the lower layers remain cold. When using heating covers for pools you should enable the filter pump, stirring water.
Some craftsmen heated the water in the outdoor pool with a powerful boiler. However, the cost of electricity with this method is much higher than when using a special heater. Additionally, the use of open heaters in swimming pools is unsafe because of the danger of electric shock and damage to the rubber reservoir. If you decided to boil water by this method, do not forget that the heating element must not come into contact with the walls of the pool, lower the boiler water can only be in the off state, to give up during operation of the device with water is impossible.
There is another "Babushkin" a method to heat the water in the pool in Sunny weather much faster. It is based on the fact that by increasing the surface of the water, it warms up faster. For the construction of the desired design need a long flexible hose or PVC pipe. It must be connected to the hole in the pool on one side and to the filter pump with the other, secured with clamps to avoid leaks. The hose should be laid in the form of a snail on an open Sunny place. If you can pick up a tube of dark color, the heating process will be even faster.
Now you know how to heat the water in the pool at his dacha in various ways. You can combine them to increase the temperature faster. Most importantly, we should not forget about their safety and not to use means of heating, without observing the conditions of their use.
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