You will need
  • water;
  • - the ground;
  • plants;
  • - decorations: toys, towers, shells and so on.
Select the correct location of the aquarium. This must be the place in the room that is not illuminated by direct sunlight. In bright light very quickly grow algae. Select a place where you may wish to sit and admire the underwater world created by your hands.
как оформить аквариум пошагово
Buy in pet-shop special primer. Its role is largely decorative. Before you put it in the aquarium, and rinse thoroughly under running water. Also bring home some of the soil taken from a clean river or Creek. Natural soil is simply necessary to the life of algae and other underwater plants, as power of their root system. This soil not only wash, but also boil. Prepared natural ground pour on the bottom of the aquarium. Add on top of the purchase soil, spreading it in a thin layer. Thereby you will arrange and decorate the bottom of the aquarium.
выбрать настенный аквариум
Now, make stones and wooden snags. The stones boil. And driftwood that will also serve as a decoration for your aquariumand due to its whimsical form, just pour over boiling water. If you wish, you can purchase plastic driftwood, decorated wood. Place the stones and driftwood in the aquariume on top of the soil.
аквариум из стекла
Spread aquariume those underwater toy that is to your liking. It can be towers, castles, Grotte. Or create the illusion of a sunken pirate ship with jewels. To do this, we loaded the boat with a string of faux pearls.
Как сделать аквариум
Fill the aquarium with cold water using the hose. Try not to erode the soil. Use the shower head.
из чего склеить аквариум
Now you can start to design the aquariumand plants. Low-growing plants planted to the front wall, high - in the background. Can make a frame from algae for some underwater toys.