Many people try to melt the piece of plastic in the pan in a water bath and then pour and connect the seams. The surface may be deformed, and the seam is not reliable and not durable.
When you try to fuse plastic fragments soldering iron, be very careful as the melting point in this case is exceeded and the seam becomes brittle and fragile.
It is better to use a special electric gun that melts plastic. Along with the gun you need to buy plastic rods, with which comes the filling up of the seams.
You can use a professional or semi-professional dryer, continuously adjustable temperature and airflow. Additionally you need attachments for welding. It is necessary to clean both sides of the weld. Pick up the welding rods according to the composition similar to the material of the fragment. If possible, make a test weld to check the compatibility of materials, and for selecting the required heating temperature, the speed of the dryer and the force of indentation. Run the dryer for 10 minutes to stabilize the temperature of the hot air.
Fold the pieces of items and secure in position using special clamps-clothespins. Sharpen the end of the rod to facilitate the initial stage of welding. Tilt the rod at a 45° angle during welding, or use the speed welding nozzle. The use of the nozzle facilitates the welding process because it has a fixed position, as for bar and Hairdryer. In the work a little prodavlivaet rod. As a result, you should get a smooth seam, rising a little above the surface. After complete cooling it is necessary to Polish the seam and repaint, if necessary.